Facebook and Instagram are now asking users to turn on ad tracking for their applications, as Apple launched the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature for iOS 14.5 which gave the public a say over this. The campaign by Facebook can detect if a user is updated to the latest of the iOS 14, saying that it needs this to keep the app "free of charge."

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The massive social media company has been given no choice but to adhere to Apple's policies should it wish to continue its operations via the iOS platform for the iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, and more. Facebook adhering to its move was thought to be the last of the dispute against both companies, but this notice just shows how the company wants to continue its ventures.

Apple wants its users to feel safe with its data, and be in control of what or who accesses their information via the devices manufactured by the Cupertino giant for its fans and enthusiasts. This was the mission and role of iOS 14 ever since its release, and it aims to bring the comprehensive Privacy Policy of the company for its users.

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Facebook, Instagram Asks to Turn On ATT for iOS 14.5

In recent developments, it was initially reported by Tech Times that a Twitter user called Askhan Soltani has posted screenshots that show Facebook and Instagram asking users to turn this feature on. This asks for a special settings configuration to allow social media to gain access to a person's information to improve its ad tracking.


Facebook is known to give massive importance to ad tracking, as it generates massive revenue for ad placements alone, particularly as it specifically targets a person's preference and interest via its app. Apple is against this venture, hence the iOS 14's Privacy Policy that changed the landscape of the iPhone to a safer environment.

According to Mac Rumors, the Facebook update for iOS 14.5 would showcase it to several users of the social media application, and soon rolling out to most users as the latest iOS is updated to most phones. The main focus of Facebook is to entice people to "help keep Facebook free of charge," which the ad tracking enables with its revenue.

What is App Tracking Transparency? How to Turn it On or Off

App Tracking Transparency is Apple's latest feature that was introduced with iOS 14.5, and it gives the user the power to control who or what can look into their information or data via an updated iPhone or iPad. The "Ask App Not to Track" is somewhat of a safeguard for people to feel secure with their data, and Apple has included this via the Settings to be configured.

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