Although on some fronts, Tesla has found itself in a tight spot, there is still a lot of optimism surrounding the company. As of the moment, a particular Tesla bull shares his thoughts saying the company could announce an upcoming Tesla delivery van in just about 12 to 18 months.

Tesla New EV Could be a Tesla Van?

According to a particular Dave Lee, one of the public Tesla bulls on Twitter that has been investing in the company ever since its early days, Elon Musk clearly is very appreciative of the whole commercial van sector. It was noted that it is a very important vehicle category that will later on go full electric.

The Tesla bull shared an older tweet by Elon Musk published on November 19, 2018. The tweet noted that he could be interested to work with the Daimler/Mercedes on a particular "electric Sprinter. He then noted that it was a great van and that they will inquire.

Tesla Bull Explains Earnings Expectations

The Tesla bull noted that it is a matter of focus citing the priority on the Tesla Y, the Cybertruck, and even the Semi ramps as well as battery available which is pretty dependent on a massive 4680 ramp. The Tesla bull then shared that Mercedes sells a whopping 400,000 vans a year and that he thinks that it is pretty reasonable to estimate that the whole addressable market for Tesla vans could actually be quite similar.

At an estimate of $50k ASP x 400k= $20B in revenue x .25 margin = $5B in what could be additional gross profit that would most largely flow to the company's earnings. One key question that the Tesla bull had was if Tesla will eventually sell delivery/utility vans or if Tesla will decide to make inroads into providing additional logistical services as  well. It is well about moving atoms from point A to point B. The vehicle itself, however, is just a singular part of the equation.

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Tesla and Starlink: Van Life

Dave Lee reportedly shares more of his thoughts on the potential upcoming Tesla van on a video uploaded on YouTube. He then explained that Tesla's potential electric van could really spark a huge demand for the whole Van Life. Since Tesla's own batteries could then be tapped for electricity and since Tesla's heat pump could then be tapped for some really efficient heating and cooling, the Van Life could be very attainable.

Aside from just Tesla, if this was combined with Starlink, owners could virtually go anywhere on their Tesla van with access to the internet anywhere. This trend has its own difficulties due to the lack in advancement of vans and their provisions. However, if Tesla would really make the Tesla van, these EVs could be used for more than just the Van Life but for actual commercial use.


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