Xiaomi has taken over Apple in the second spot in market share, at least in Europe. Yet, still far away from Samsung's leading spot. 

Chinese electronic company Xiaomi is said to have a 23% share in the region's smartphone market, market analyst firm Canalys data showed via Android Authority. Meanwhile, Apple, not far away from Xiaomi, still has 19% of the market. 

The analyst firm also showed that Xiaomi is ahead of both Samsung and Apple regarding the overall growth percentage. The Chinese brand saw a whopping 85% growth year-on-year. Moreover, the other two giant brands made 21% and 22% growth, respectively. 

The data, indeed, showed that Xiaomi is booking an impressive growth, but still far from Samsung's 35% share of the market. Two Asian brands are now ahead of the Cupertino company in Europe. 

The recent feat of Xiaomi is, in fact, impressive as it is still a relatively new name in the European market. On the other hand, Apple has been in the said market for over a decade now, Android Authority said in a report. 

Some may argue that Apple and Xiaomi are apples and oranges. The latter is known to focus on budget phones, while the former has always been known for its premium products. 

However, the Chinese company is further tapping the premium line too. And we have yet to see what is about to unfold. 

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Apple Still Reign Second in Other Parts 

Canalyst data showed that in a narrower perspective, Apple still reigns number two in Western Europe. Xiaomi only had 17% of the share, while Apple, on the other hand, still had 25%. 

Therefore, it is safe to say that Xiaomi should thank Eastern Europe for helping it dethrone Apple in the overall region. 

Huawei is Falling Out

While other brands in the data are seen to have been growing, Huawei's share is decreasing. It is still largely attributed to the United States sanctions. 

Furthermore, in 2020, United Kingdom banned all of Huawei's 5G equipment. It is due to the speculations that China uses the company's devices for spying. Huawei, on the other hand, thinks the decision is more political than a security matter. 

The said company now ranks fifth in the market share data. To add, it now only owns a single-digit three percent share. Its annual growth also, alarmingly, decreased by 81%. 

In addition, Huawei now ranks behind Oppo. The latter, however, saw the most significant growth at a tremendous 153%. 

Xiaomi's Flagship Phone Is Coming To Europe 

It was reported by GizmoChina early this week that Mi 11 Ultra, the flagship phone of Xiaomi, is reaching Europe on May 11. 11, noticeably, must have been a lucky number. 

However, the Mi 11 Pro will reportedly be exclusive to China

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