Multiverse is very popular concept in various sci-fi films. One of these is Marvel's "Doctor Strange," which shows that the universe is not alone.

However, some scientists claimed that the multiverse really does exists. 

Scientists Discover Unique Radio Noise Using Microwave Receivers: They Claim It Proves Multiverse Exists
(Photo : Photo by Hubble Space Telescope/Nasa via Getty Images)
In this handout image released from the Hubble Space Telescope the Whirlpool Galaxy is seen , April 25, 2005 released for the Hubble 15th anniversary. Nasa's Space Telescope has obited the Earth for 15 years and has taken more than 700,000 images of the comos. This image is one of the sharpest images Hubble has ever produced, taken with the newest camera.

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Back in 1964, physicists Robert Wilson and Arno Penzias claimed that a unique radio noise or sound is the proof that various universes exist out there. They discovered the noise after setting up ultra-sensitive microwave receivers for radio astronomy observations. 

They said that they received a background radio noise that they could not get rid of. Because of this, Penzias decided to contact Robert Dicke, a physicist at the Princeton University. Dicke claimed that the radio noise they discovered could be cosmic microwave background radiation or CMB. 

This kind of radiation is a primordial microwave radiation that fills the universe.

To give you more idea, here are other details of the so-called CMB.

What the New Radio Noise Has to Do With Multiverse? 

According to Interesting Engineering's latest report, the study called "The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation," which received the 1978 Nobel Prize in Physics award, suggested that the unique features found in CMB could be direct evidence for the  existence of the multiverse. 

Scientists Discover Unique Radio Noise Using Microwave Receivers: They Claim It Proves Multiverse Exists
(Photo : Photo by NASA/JPL-Caltech/T. Pyle via Getty Images)
In this handout digital illustration released on September 15, 2011 by NASA, the newly-discovered gaseous planet Kepler-16b orbits it's two stars. NASA's Kepler Mission discoverd the world orbiting two Stars, the larger a K dwarf and the smaller a red dwarf.

The American Museum and Natural History, which published the study, stated that this discovery could also be used as proof that the Big Bang theory exists.

Thanks to the work of Penzias and Wilson, various space experts and scientists were able to have more ideas about the universe and the possible presence of the multiverse. 

As of the moment, there are various laws about the multiverse. If you don't have any idea about them, here are the three main contenders that you should know about.  

Multiverse's Three Main Laws

Various scientists and experts claimed that there are currently three law contenders that could explain how the multiverse could exist right now. These are the following: 

  • The "many worlds" or "branches of the wave function" interpretation
  • The Copenhagen Interpretation
  • The "parallel branes" of string theory

If you want to know more details about them, all you need to do is click here

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