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Universes In The Multiverse Are Potentially Hospitable To Life: Study

Computer simulations of the cosmos revealed that higher amount of dark energy would still allow life to exist in other universes if they exist. Why does it pose a problem to the multiverse theory?

Space May 14, 2018

Published Weeks After His Death, Stephen Hawking’s Final Theory Shows A Less-Complicated Universe

The final theory on the multiverse by Stephen Hawking has just been published. It is based on string theory and explains that the universe is less complicated than it seemed.

Space May 2, 2018

Do Parallel Universes Exist? Stephen Hawking's Last Paper May Help Prove Multiverse Theory.

Stephen Hawking's last scientific paper sets out the mathematics needed to help deep-space probes collect evidence that can prove the multiverse theory. The idea suggests the existence of other universes other than our own.

Space March 19, 2018

Scientists Say 'Cold Spot' In Space Could Be Evidence Of The Multiverse

New research suggests that parallel universes - long held to be the province of comic books and science fiction - might exist. Scientists are hoping their studies of the cosmic microwave background - and a 'Cold Spot' in space - might prove the existence of the multiverse.

Space May 18, 2017

Do We Live In A Multiverse? Strange Glow At Edge Of Milky Way Could Be Evidence Of Parallel Universe

A Caltech cosmologist found mysterious spots of light while studying a cosmic microwave background map. These spots of light may be due to an occurrence that could have resulted from the bumping of two parallel universes.

Space November 7, 2015

Scientist May Have Found Proof Of Alternate, Parallel Universe

Ranga-Ram Chary, a cosmologist from Caltech, has discovered scientific evidence that could prove the existence of multiple and parallel universes. He found an anomaly in the cosmic microwave background that points to the possibility of pocket universes having been created with the expansion of the main universe itself.

Space November 5, 2015

5 DC Comics Alternate Earths We Want To Live On

Throughout its history, DC Comics has embraced the idea of multiple universes with is multiverse storylines. Some of those versions of Earth seem like great places to live: here are our favorite five.

Movies/TV Shows May 27, 2015

'The Flash' Season 2 Will Bring The DC Cinematic Multiverse To Life?

Future seasons of 'The Flash' plan to visit the likes of Earth One and Earth Two, along with other dimensions. It also means we could see other speedsters.

Movies/TV Shows May 21, 2015

DC's 'Convergence' Tie-In Guide: Where To Find Your Favorite Comic Book Era

Let's face it: 'Convergence' is confusing. DC Comics' mega-event draws in every timeline and alternate Earth ever, so if you're having trouble making heads or tails of it, help has arrived.

Movies/TV Shows April 6, 2015

DC Comics' 'Infinite Crisis' Video Game Gets March Launch Date

Even though gamers have been playing it for over a year, 'Infinite Crisis' is finally ending its beta period and launching for real. The DC Comics MOBA will be available on March 26.

Geek March 6, 2015

The 10 Best Alternate Earths We Hope To See In DC's 'Convergence'

There are 52 universes in DC Comics continuity, and they're all going to collide in the upcoming event 'Convergence.' Here are 10 of the most obscure and unusual that we hope will show up.

Movies/TV Shows February 12, 2015

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