NASA is moving forward with the Ingenuity and Perseverance's mission in the Red Planet, and would now venture into a believed "ancient river" to look for signs of early or "ancient life" on Mars. This move is to know the unknown, and optimistically, discover more of the neighboring planet before it accommodates the first human missions in the coming years.

NASA Ingenuity Helicopter
(Photo : NASA/JPL-Caltech)

While Mars is a next-door neighbor to Earth, it is still uncharted territory and could hold a lot of harm and dangers for human life that would be unknown and surprising once in place. It is evident that the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) is looking to put its efforts in a manned mission to the Red Planet, and soon study it on-site.

Certainly, this effort and venture were well-known for the private space agency of Elon Musk with SpaceX's ventures of the Starship, recently achieving an optimal landing maneuver with the SN15. The success of the company makes them one step closer to their goal, and it is to be able to reach Mars with actual human astronauts and build "Nuwa."

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NASA: Mars Exploration to Go Deeper

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Mars Ingenuity picture

NASA has achieved something incredible with the Ingenuity helicopter's fifth flight and mission, which is a one-way trip that moved it further in the Red Planet, soon to be followed by the Perseverance rover. The new "Airfield" of Ingenuity would be its temporary space, especially as it awaits its next mission as directed by the space agency.

The next mission would go further and dive deeper into Mars, particularly in learning more of the Red Planet for the researchers to see and collect as it flies around the region near the Jezero Crater. The rover and helicopter were strategically placed in the crater as it is believed to have signs of water in the area, which NASA is trying to know.

Further missions would be dedicated more to diving deep into the unknown and hopefully discover new information regarding Mars and its past, particularly as it was believed to have water before. This follows the alleged "ancient river" in Mars, which initially had flowing water, and maybe an indication that there is life on Mars.

Ingenuity, Perseverance to Look at Ancient River for Signs of Early Life

According to CBS News, Ken Farley, a geochemist in NASA, says that the company is looking for early forms of life, and "conceive" of the unknown. And this would be achieved or soon discovered via the technology brought by the Perseverance rover and Ingenuity helicopter which are controlled by humans remotely, here on Earth.

"Where there is water, there is life," and that's what most people believe, as it is known that water is sufficient to continue the flow of life, especially as it holds a lot of minerals that can pinpoint history. The search for water and the "ancient river" by NASA would soon lead its scientists to know the mystery of life on Mars.

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