Sabrent is soon debuting one of the largest capacities for a Solid State Drive which resembles the size of graphics card only, with its RocketQ Battleship that has 64 terabytes of space on its drives. This is one of the largest sizes in SSD, along with the smallest in physical size, making it one of the most awaited solid-state drives in the market.

The only problem it has now is its release, which has not yet seen the light of day and will be "available soon," as said by the company. However, this SSD is speculated not to be a long wait anymore, especially as the device is almost ready for distribution amongst the public, and is only awaiting Sabrent for this venture and announcement.

Sabrent's RocketQ Battleship is not an ordinary SSD, particularly as it aims to bring one of the world's largest solid-state drives with 64 terabytes of storage capacity. Initially, it was conceived that SSDs cannot go where the traditional hard drives came from, and that is providing massive storage capacities for the different requirements of a computer build.

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Sabrent RocketQ Battleship 64TB SSD

Sabrent RocketQ Battleship 64TB SSD
(Photo : Sabrent via Facebook )
Sabrent RocketQ Battleship 64TB SSD

The massive capacity SSD is one of the most talked-about developments in solid-state drive history, particularly because it is one of the largest capacity drives that only have a size smaller than a smartphone. Yes, that is right, the RocketQ Battleship packs 64TB in size or 6,400 gigabytes but is only the size of an average computer graphics card.

According to High Tech Point's website, there is already a product landing page for the RocketQ Battleship, meaning that the device is nearing its release for public sale. While the impossible is near the hands of the public, this would prove initial jabs against SSDs, especially those which have underestimated their power and performance.

In the HighPoint SSD7540 PCIe 4.0 controllers, there would be a total of eight, 8-terabyte PCIe 3.0 SSDs from Sabrent which totals to combined storage of 64TB. PCIe 3.0 has a read speed of 3,300 mb/s and a write speed of 2,900 mb/s. While this is not near the performance of a PCIe 4.0, it is still a fast SSD that features massive storage and a small physical size to take up on a PC build.

Are There Any Other SSDs of this Size and Capacity

The Sabrent RocketQ Battleship offers up unprecedented storage capacity at 64TB ! it also capable of super-fast Gen4... Posted by Sabrent on Saturday, January 9, 2021

There are other SSDs that have a higher terabyte capacity and sizes, but those are nothing compared to the small, compact, and space-saving dimensions of the RocketQ Battleship. Generic graphics cards have the size of 107MMx175.36MMx4CM (height, length, width for 2 slot-GPUs), which is compact, and Sabrent's RocketQ does not fall far.

Currently, Sabrent has not released any pricing on the SSD, but speculations suggest that it would be more than $11,000, due to the High Point controller costs $1,000 already, and each of the Rocket Q 8TB SSDs cost $1,300 each.

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