Xbox Series X Restock Fixed? Console Purchase Pilot Allows Buyers to Reserve a Console, Here's How
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With the Xbox Series X restock extremely hard to purchase with new stock vanishing almost as soon as it appears, buyers are now desperate for any potential fix that could guarantee them a unit. While most buyers have been fighting over who gets to buy the console first, especially from online retailers, it seems like Xbox now has a fix!

Scalpers Clear Out Xbox Series X Restock

With scalpers in the picture, buyers have to compete with one another for a chance to buy the Xbox Series X online stock at the SRP which is extremely hard given aside from scalpers, they are also trying to best other buyers. One of the trusted Xbox Series X restock tracker on Twitter recently shared that the Xbox Series X upcoming stock can be reserved.

The problem as of the moment stems wider than mere scalpers but the supply of chips in general. As of the moment, humanity is experiencing a massive global chip supply shortage which means that manufacturing electronics, in general, is extremely hard. Aside from the Xbox Series X restock, the PS5 restock is affected as well!

Global Chip Shortage

The global chip shortage has well expanded into other industries as well and the auto industry is one that has reportedly been affected. According to an article by Wall Street Journal, auto makers are now anticipating a much slower recovery in chip supplies after a fire at the Renesas semiconductor factory in Japan and the recent Texas freeze.

With a lot of companies relying heavily on any available supply as of the moment, any little alteration in that supply could potentially hurt those companies since production has become extremely scarce. This is also the same for the computer industry as GPUs are now being resold at extremely high prices and a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 could be selling at the price a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 is!

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How to Reserve Xbox Series X Online

Going back to the Xbox Series X availability online, while the supply hasn't changed, there could be a method that would at least increase the chances that buyers will be able to get one! While it might take a while to get the Xbox Series X from this method, the important thing is that it increases buyers' chances of getting their hands on a console.

According to Xbox Insider, they are announcing and introducing the new Console Purchase Pilot which would allow US Xbox Insiders on the current Xbox One to be able to register in order to get a chance to reserve an upcoming Xbox Series X|S Console. In order to do so, one must check out the Xbox Insider Hub on the Xbox One for more details.

The sad part about the announcement, however, was that limited space is available and that not everyone that registers will eventually be selected. For those owning an Xbox One, you might want to check it out right away.

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