Why and How Fire Watch Guards Is Essential To Your Business
(Photo : Why and How Fire Watch Guards Is Essential To Your Business)

When it comes to protecting your business location, one of the things you must have is a fire safety system. It is these systems that sound the alarm in the event of a fire and then turn on the sprinklers before the fire takes hold, but what do you do if your fire system doesn't work? Like all things electric, you can't be sure that they will work 100% of the time. So, what do you do when your system fails? Well, this is where fire watch guards come in, if you aren't sure what they are, don't worry we're here to help. 

What Is A Fire Watch Guard?

When your fire alarm system fails, you don't want to be in the position where you need to leave your business premises unguarded and at risk of fire. If you are caught out with your system breaking down, then you will need to act quickly to make sure that your premises are kept safe and that your insurance will continue to cover you. This is where fire watch guards come in. Fire watch guards are a professional service that guard against fire for a finite period of time, usually between your alarm system breaking and your alarm system being repaired. They are certified professionals that have a good understanding of fire risk, management and protocol when it comes to dealing with any type of outbreak. Fire watch guards will often work in a team depending on the size of the property or site that you need protected. 

How Do Fire Guards Work?

When you seek Fire Watch Services, you are employing people with a strong knowledge of fire safety to watch your property. They are basically fire security guards that will monitor all of your premises whilst your systems are down. When they first enter your premises, they will conduct a detailed inspection. This inspection not only gets the team familiar with the lay out of your premises, it also serves as a way of them assessing the risk. They will look for any areas that may be a risk of setting on fire and see ways they can help to mitigate it. Likewise, they are trained in fire management if the worst was to happen. When they start working, they will complete walk throughs of your premises on a regular basis, making sure that all the fire risks are ameliorated. 

Why Do You Need A Firewatch Guard?

If you have a fire alarm system that has gone down or needs replacing, you may well need a fire watch guard whilst this happens. They are one of those things that it is better to pay out for a not need, than to need it and not have it. It may also be an insurance clause. If your fire alarm system does go down and you are then unlucky enough to have a fire, your insurance may not pay out due to no protection being in place. This isn't a situation you want to find yourself in, especially when it is your lively hood at stake, so whilst this service may well seem expensive, the risk of not having them is far more dangerous. 

Considerations To Make Before You Settle On A Service

Before you employ a fire guard service, you want to make sure that the one you are employing is up to the standard that you and your insurance company expect. Before you hand over your hard-earned cash, you want to make sure that they meet your insurers requirements. Fire guard services require licensing, so do your due diligence and prepare for this by making some checks on your own.

Anyone on the internet can say that they are licensed, but you should take it upon yourself to check that they actually are. Get their licence numbers and then call the relevant bodies to make sure that this is the case. Once you have completed your checks on licensing, make sure that your insurers are happy with the team that you have chosen. Some services may well be blacklisted from your insurance company for an array of reasons.

You don't want to spend out the money on a subpar service that won't afford you the protection you need in the event of a fire. Reporting is also a big thing to consider, each service generates reports in different ways, you want to make sure that the service you are choosing will give you the type of report that you need in order to make a claim if the worst was to happen. Check with the fire watch provider and your insurance company to make sure that their reporting styles match up. 

Wrap Up

When it comes to a fire guard service, think of them as a team that mitigates the risk of a fire in your premises if you find yourself without an alarm system. They will inspect, check and monitor your property or site and stay there 24/7 until your alarm system is repaired or replaced. You may also find that your insurers demand this of you if you are a situation whereby you have no alarm system. Before you invest in a particular service, make sure that you conduct your due diligence and make sure that your insurers are happy with the choice of provider you have made. 

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