Cupertino giant Apple proves that it is not following the norm of diverting the wearing of face masks anywhere upon the implementation of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention.

The severity of COVID-19 is continuously felt around the world despite the US deciding to set the mask requirement as voluntary. Well, this does not suit the tech titan's protocols when it comes to people who come to the Apple stores.

Apple Maintains Mandatory Mask Wearing in the Stores

Businesses Continue To Reopen As Lockdown Measures Ease
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BERLIN, GERMANY - MAY 11: A young woman wearing a surgical mask, who said she did not mind being photographed, waits to enter the Berlin Apple store on the first day the store reopened since March during the coronavirus crisis on May 11, 2020 in Berlin, Germany. Businesses across Germany are reopening as state authorities ease lockdown measures.

According to Bloomberg's latest report, Apple is still going with the old trend of wearing a mask. While this may sound outdated for others, this could be one of the reasons that the electronics company is not complacent despite the "no mask" policy guideline.

Over the past few days, the implementation suggested that those people who have received their second dose of vaccine are now free to roam everywhere even without wearing a mask. Of course, this won't work for other people, as others are still skeptical and have trust issues when it comes to their health safety.

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Earlier this week, Apple said that for those who want to enter its US stores, there would be an ongoing mask mandate, as well as the previously acknowledged COVID-19 safety and health protocols. The announcement came after CDC's recommendation to lift the mandatory mask wearing for the fully-vaccinated persons on Thursday, May 20.

At the time of the report, Apple has been keen on its policies that people should still undergo strict measures concerning the recent health crisis. For now, if you like to enter an Apple Store, ready your mask and remember to follow proper social distancing.

Apple Values Consumer and Employee Safety

In the same interview with the news outlet, Apple stated that it only prioritized the safety of its employees and consumers that's why it is not removing its former mask mandate.

We could remember that the tech giant was one of the biggest companies hit by the pandemic. To cope up with the escalating COVID-19 cases, it ordered all its stores to shut down while people were required to follow the usual safety measures.

Gizmodo reported that what Apple did is far different from other major retailers which include Starbucks, Costco, Walmart, Publix, and Trader Joe's which have all stopped mandatory face mask-wearing by the state. Even if the policy was now effective, it still varies from region to region whether they would adopt the guidance.

On the other hand, stores such as Kroger, Target, and Walgreens shared the same track with Apple when it comes to their mask mandates, despite CDC's call to the public, USA Today reported.

Apple's thorough evaluation of its protocols is not a surprise anymore since some experts still doubt CDC's newly-administered strategy. The relaxed situation could also cause others to lie about their real vaccination status which could expose the health care workers and frontline personnel to a high risk of acquiring coronavirus.

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