Apple Sees Year-on-Year Quarter Growth of 94% Due to MacOS-Powered MacBook Pro
(Photo : Screenshot From Pxhere Official Website) Apple Sees Year-on-Year Quarter Growth of 94% Due to MacOS-Powered MacBook Pro

Apple now appears to have made quite a chunk of the whole work from home demand for new laptops. Apple's new figures reportedly claimed that it clocked a year-on-year quarterly growth reaching 94% for its own MacOS-powered devices just like the MacBook Pro.

Apple Year-on-Year Growth

Due to the pandemic that took everyone around the world by surprise, the increase in demand for working laptops has skyrocketed. With new office and social distancing restrictions, a lot of people are now working from home which caused a spike in Apple's sales.

Now with an unprecedented increase in the whole remote-first work environments spiking all around the world, laptop shipments have been able to record a year-on-year growth of 81% in the first quarter of 2021, according to Strategy Analytics.

Apple Q1 2021 'Strongest' Numbers

Eric Smith, the Director of Connected Computing Devices, noted that the emerging hybrid work patterns and the continuing need for the whole learn-from-home devices have added to the consumer upgrade sales. This, in turn, made the company's Q1 2021 the strongest first quarter that Apple had after many long years.

It was also stated that the favorable comparison to the dire situation that happened last year has also helped with the company's strong growth figures. Smith added that the numbers are now even more encouraging when they are seen in the context of the currently ongoing semiconductor shortage that has been impacting the general output of a lot of large vendors.

Increase in Demand for Laptops

Although the sales figures are a result of the whole increase in the general consumption of laptops for the main use of remote working, Strategy Analytics point towards e-learning as the major driver for the current surge in demand. Report author Chirag Upadhyay notes that Chromebooks generally continue to dominate the whole education sector as the primary education sector demand is currently high in developed markets.

According to the story by TechRadar, he also added that the small as well as medium businesses or SMB market is now also taking advantage of the whole cost competitiveness and the manageability which the Chromebook offers. Quite interestingly, when it comes to growth, the cheap ChromeOS-powered devices, which rose by 174%, were then followed by the exciting MacOS-powered laptops. This managed to almost double the total sales figures by a 94% increase in Q1 2021.

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Effects of the Pandemic

With the whole world still under the effects of the pandemic, the demand for work-at-home devices have increased dramatically. Aside from working from home, the demand for devices to facilitate remote working have also increased. Apple, as well as a lot of laptop providers have benefited from the increase in demand.

The global semiconductor shortage, however, has made it hard for tech companies to produce more electronics. Big companies like Sony and Microsoft are struggling to roll out new PS5 restocks and new Xbox Series X restocks as well.

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