The World Health Organization (WHO) has discovered that an overworking employee that renders more than 55 hours per week for their companies has an increased chance of suffering from a fatal disease. These diseases include common health conditions like stroke and heart diseases and are alarming cases during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Work From Home
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People may not die from COVID-19 infections, but they may suffer from a stroke or a progressive heart disease now or sooner than later if they keep overworking themselves more than 8 hours a day. COVID-19 may only infect people and deal with severe effects by going out, but staying in and pouring all energy and effort into work may lead to a fatal end as well. 

Initially, WHO believed that the COVID-19 virus came from outside the laboratories of Wuhan, China, after many others believed that it came from a secret biochemical lab from the region. Also, the organization has been active in COVID-19 vaccine campaigns, especially as it acknowledged the country's efforts in focusing on vaccinations first, before patent disputes

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WHO Study Finds Serious Health Conditions Due to Overworking

Remote Work
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Overworking has been long linked to serious health conditions, but these data came before the pandemic, where people need to go outside and perform labor-intensive jobs to get these said diseases. However, it is a different topic now, especially as the world has moved to a virtual and digital setup where they have to work from the comforts of their homes. 

Now that remote work is enabled, people can report to work straight from bed and be asked to stay for longer hours due to their comforts of being at home and not being tired to travel from home to the office (vice versa).

According to the World Health Organization's recent study with the International Labor Organization, people are now subject to a 35 percent increased chance of stroke and a 17 percent increased chance of developing heart disease. This is if they exceed 55 hours of work in a week, which exceeds ideal labor hours with only 40 hours a week, reporting 8 hours a day, for 5 working days.

However, this changes due to the addition of a half-day or full-day shift on weekends like Saturday. The fatigue that the body goes through while sitting in front of a computer and working takes a toll on the body, despite not feeling that tired compared to office work.

How to Avoid Health Risks from Working from Home?

To avoid this, laborers or companies need to set up a new working scheme or plans for their employees, especially as they control these conditions. However, prolonged hours in front of a computer should be avoided, and employees should have at least 10 mins. of a break from facing a computer for every hour that they work. 

Proper hydration is also encouraged, as well as eating proper and healthy foods, along with stretching in between those breaks. 

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