Squirrels are often a nuisance for homeowners who have secret storage for nuts. Not all people can create an effective trap and maze for the nimble rodents, but that's not the case for the former NASA engineer.

The pandemic has transformed people's boredom into something useful. During the peak of lockdown, the anti-squirrel obstacle course was devised by Mark Rober, who once worked in the international space agency.

Now that he is focused as a YouTuber, his "Mission Impossible" inspired squirrel-proof labyrinth will guarantee that these cute medium-size rodents will not be able to steal your nuts at home anymore.

Mark Rober Starts Squirrel-Proof Creation During Pandemic Lockdown

Ex NASA Engineer-Turned-YouTuber Mark Rober Constructs 'Mission Impossible' Inspired Squirrel Proof Obstacle Course
(Photo : Mark Rober)
Mark Rober's own "Mission Impossible" squirrel-proof obstacle course.

When COVID-19 came last year, people were forced to stay inside of their homes. This is a perfect opportunity for the homebodies to have more time for themselves, but for those who used to spend time outside their abodes, the lockdown is a considerable challenge to endure.

Mark Rober is only one of many who have been trapped due to the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis. The former Jet Propulsion Laboratory engineer took the opportunity to solve the problem with squirrels that are fond of gnawing random things from electrical wires to home equipment.

Several communities in the United States have been dealing with squirrels for a long time. This problem has led Rober to apply his engineering knowledge to develop an efficient design which would make it difficult for the rodents to rob his nuts. It was first reported by USA Today last year.

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Where Did Mark Rober Get Inspiration to Build 'Mission Impossible' Squirrel Maze?

According to Gizmodo's latest report, Rober's constructed squirrel obstacle course got its inspiration from the "American Ninja Warrior," one of the popular TV shows in America.

For the squirrels, the obstacle is enough to make one of them quit in their "nut" pursuit. Once the rodents fail, they will restart the journey regardless of how long they have already traveled.

Aside from the haunting long labyrinth, the squirrels will also have to endure the rooms with simulated laser tripwires and a rooftop maze that mimics a house's ventilation system.

Additionally, there is a helicopter that moves through the zipline and a tricky, high-ceiling room that only has a movable ladder, which is the only mode of escape. However, there is a catch here: the ladder will lower when a squirrel steps on a single button that generates the computer's password.

Finally, this so-called "Fort Knuts" is a paradise full of walnuts, but that will not be easier as it sounds for the squirrels. It has a safety mechanism in the form of a spin-lock machine.

For two months, Rober and his helper have managed to finish this squirrel-proof obstacle course. They spent their time making this engineered trap in the backyard.

Rober has involved "Phat Gus," one of the famous squirrels on the internet, and three other rodents for the test. The former NASA engineer tested the decision-making skills of the four squirrels in the "Mission Impossible" maze.

Currently, the viral video has over 72.6 million views. It was first uploaded in May 2020.

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