Samsung Display flaunts its generation of OLED in the world's largest display exhibition, SID Display Week, catching the attention of tech aficionados. 

The international leader in display tech opened its own virtual exhibition at the 2021 SID Display week. Samsung Display CEO JS Choi delivered the keynote address while Director SC Kim made his acceptance speech as he receives the Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize for his contributions toward efficient mass production of high-resolution OLED devices.

Samsung Display's
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Working to Meet the Demands of the Future

In JS Choi's keynote speech, which focuses on "The Metaverse and the Great Future of Display," he highlights the Samsung Display effort towards delivering a high-quality viewing experience to its customers across different devices. This commitment is important in the new normal, where remote work and non-face-to-face-communication have become the norm.

Samsung Display has led the premium display race since it pioneered OLED technology back in 2007. The market now accounts for about a quarter of the display market and over half of the smartphone market. Now, the industry leader is focused on the future, growing together with the needs of its customers. Samsung Display explains that customers are now after the same high-quality viewing experience, whether they're on their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or even in their automobiles in the new "Display Centric World." Furthermore, technological progress in artificial intelligence, paired with increasing chip performance and 5G communications technology, further accelerates display technologies as well.

"Samsung has always strived to not just deliver vibrant and beautiful displays, but also products that provide a useful and practical experience," Choi says in his address. "Samsung Display will keep developing various self-luminous technologies including OLED, QD, and LED. It will take the lead in growing the market by providing display solutions in various sizes ranging 1-inch to 200-inch."

Recently, Samsung Display joined the Responsible Business Alliance Membership - the largest industry coalition dedicated to upholding corporate social responsibility - in its commitment to practice responsible management through the continuous expansion of its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policy, which includes eco-friendlier alternatives and environments.


The Next Generation of OLED Technologies

With the tagline "Better life thru Samsung OLED," Samsung Display showcased its upcoming OLED products such as:

  • S-Foldable: Samsung's multi-foldable display for mobile devices that reaches 7.2 inches long. It can be folded twice - in and out - to become as small as conventional smartphones.
  • 17-inch Foldable. Also, a foldable display that reaches 17 inches, the OLED display maintains a 4:3 aspect ratio and can be folded to be a tablet-sized device that boasts a larger screen together with portability.
  • Slidable: The third OLED tech from Samsung Display allows a screen to slide horizontally on top of another, serving as a display extension perfect for larger video streaming and for multitasking - creating an extra display area while keeping the standard form factor smartphones.
  • Under Panel Camera: A front-facing camera for mobile devices is housed underneath the display panel, providing a real full-screen experience without the distracting notches found in conventional phones.


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