Upcoming PS5 Restock Announced | PS Direct, Target, Walmart, and More!
(Photo : Screenshot From Commons.Wikipedia.org) Upcoming PS5 Restock Announced | PS Direct, Target, Walmart, and More!

It's been extremely difficult for gamers to get their hands on any available PS5 restock ever since its launch back in November of 2020. Sony noted that the shortage will last well until 2021.

Will PS5 be Restocked? 

According to certain Twitter users, Sony Direct has sent email invites to certain people to buy the PlayStation 5. The invitation or opening could be open to more people some time later. One prominent PS5 restock tracker, Wario64, noted that the PS Direct is most probably going to go live some time tomorrow afternoon.

It was also noted that PS Direct has reportedly sent out different email invites to selected accounts for an upcoming 12 PM sale. Wario64 noted that the invite is usually followed by a queue for other people at around 2 PM PT.

When Will PS5 Restock

According to another PS5 restock Twitter account, both Walmart and Best Buy are most likely going to drop sometime during Thursday afternoon, and Target might actually not restock the PS5 in the AM. Basically, there could be a wave of new PS5 restocks coming this week, and for those that have had a ridiculously hard time getting their own console, now might be the time.

With the global chip shortage plus scalpers in the scene, purchasing any available PS5 restock online is extremely hard. Scalpers have been wiping out any PS5 stock online, leaving nothing for most gamers and selling them at higher prices. Sometimes, the PS5 available stock online being sold by scalpers reaches more than twice the original SRP.

Why is PS5 Out of Stock?

The good thing is that the PS5 scalping game, although still strong, is getting a bit slow, wherein the resold PS5 stock online by scalpers is sometimes not that expensive as they once were. For some people, buying the PS5 available stock online from scalpers could even be cheaper than buying PS5 bundles online.

As of the moment, even more PS5 available stock is being sold in bundles. The problem, however, is that some bundles aren't really what gamers want, and thus some gamers might actually prefer to buy PlayStation 5s being sold by scalpers online since those could actually be cheaper.

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Why is Sony not Making Enough PS5? 

The global chip shortage has affected not just the Sony PS5 restock but also the Microsoft Xbox Series X restock but also other industries as well. The automobile industry is also one of the most affected industries due to the global chip shortage.

While industries like TSMC and other semiconductor manufacturers are trying to deal with the whole global chip shortage, it might be some time before supply gets back to normal. Due to the pandemic, the demand for electronics has significantly grown, but the problem is, chip manufacturers haven't been able to keep up with the demand. The shortage is reportedly going to continue well into the next year, even potentially two years from now.

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