Microsoft Store Xbox Series X Restock | Which Xbox Series X Restock Tracker is Better?
(Photo : Screenshot From Xbox Official Website) Microsoft Store Xbox Series X Restock | Which Xbox Series X Restock Tracker is Better?

Just like the Sony PS5 restock, the new Xbox Series X restock is also hard to get. Despite launching in November last year, the console is still very scarce and difficult to purchase for two reasons: scalpers and the ongoing chip shortage.

Xbox Series X Restock Online

Generally, scalpers have reportedly been buying up available Xbox Series X restock and reselling them for higher prices. Sometimes, the prices can go for more than twice the original SRP. For those wanting the Xbox Series X right away, buying from scalpers, although uncomfortable, is one way for gamers to get a console easily.

Another problem that complicates the whole Xbox Series X online stock situation is the global chip shortage. The pandemic has shaken up supply, and although companies were expecting to sell less electronics, the demand exponentially grew, making it hard for companies to keep up.

Global Chip Shortage

Aside from the Xbox Series X available supply online being affected, other electronics like the Nvidia RTX 3060 and other GPUs are affected as well. The situation has become more complicated not just for computer-related electronics but even for the automobile industry.

Cars use chips, and due to the shortage in it, the automobile industry is having a hard time pumping out more cars to hit their forecast; this is according to the New York Times. The hope for some gamers as of the moment is to wait or try to compete with other gamers to get their hands on the Xbox Series X supply.

Finding the Right Xbox Series X Restock Trackers Online

One thing that can be done is follow Xbox Series X restock trackers on Twitter and move as quick as notifications of new Xbox Series X restocks appear. The problem, however, is finding the right Xbox Series X restock twitter accounts that are able to notify their followers instantly.

There was a certain Xbox Series X twitter account that reportedly gave an update of new stock being available on the Microsoft Store. The problem, however, is complaints note that the notification was too late and when they tried, the stock was already gone. This then bids the question, which Xbox Series X online tracker is really effective?

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Most Effective Xbox Series X Restock Twitter Account

One of the replies to the thread noted that the most effective online Xbox Series X tracker is Wario64, who is a popular prominent tracker, known to give notifications when new Xbox Series X restock or PS5 restock show up online. Wario64 reportedly isn't just limited to available Xbox Series X online stock or PS5 online stock but also updates on other things relating to gamers. 

Aside from hardware, new games being sold at discounts online are also among what Wario64 tracks. Gamers aren't the only thing that Wario64 notifies about; it also does so for other memorabilia or other game-related merchandise.

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