Microsoft Store Xbox Series X Restock | Pattern Spotted?
(Photo : Screenshot From Xbox Official Website) Microsoft Store Xbox Series X Restock | Pattern Spotted?

For those struggling to get the new Xbox Series X restock and miss it every time it seems to come online, an alleged pattern has actually been spotted which can give gamers some sort of breathing ground when it comes to ordering the console. Despite the console launching back in November, a lot of gamers have still reportedly been struggling to get their hands on the Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X Restock Online

A certain Xbox Series X restock tracker on Twitter announced that there is a new Xbox Series X Microsoft Store. What was really interesting, however, is the reply to the Xbox Series X restock Twitter account by Colin Danahy @danahy88 noting there actually seems to be a pattern.

The commenter noted that they had success and were able to get their copy. The user also noted that it now seems like a new Xbox Series X restock comes every Thursday at 5PM central. He then encouraged interested buyers to sit and wait before that timeframe and simply refresh and wait for the new stock to appear.

Why is it Hard to Buy the Xbox Series X?

As of the moment, gamers are having an extremely hard time purchasing the Xbox Series X console due to two reasons, scalpers and the main scarcity of supply due to the global chip shortage. When it comes to humans versus the robots that scalpers use, most of the time, the robots still win.

The trend, however, is going a bit slower as even Xbox Series X stock online being sold by scalpers are now having a hard time selling out. While the prices of the resold Xbox Series X online stock used to be insanely high, there are a few scalpers who have realized that they won't be able to make a sale that way and have actually slightly lowered their prices.

Xbox Series X Bundles: Yes or No?

In fact, for some gamers, buying from a scalper is actually more practical in comparison to buying an Xbox Series X bundle that doesn't contain what the gamer really wants in the Xbox Series X. Bundles can be quite expensive and sometimes, gamers aren't really happy with the inclusions.

With bundles being sold at high prices with things that gamers might not want, scalpers are now being looked at as an alternative. Of course, this still comes secondary to actually being able to purchase the Xbox Series X from official online retailers. 

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Global Chip Shortage

With all the craze revolving around scalpers buying up all available Xbox Series X supply online, the global chip shortage is just making things worse. With the global chip shortage, the manufacturing of electronics has deeply been affected.

Aside from the Microsoft Xbox Series X restock being affected, so is the Sony PS5 restock as well! Aside from just consoles, even other computer parts like GPUs are now deeply affected in terms of supply as GPU buyers even have to fight against crypto miners as well.

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