Twitch to Add Subscription Feature | Premium Prices Depend on Countries
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The popular streaming site called Twitch is now considering putting a price on subscriptions. This is going to be depending on where subscribers live. This is a way for the company to allow its users new financial support in order to be directed to certain content creators while increasing its popularity.

Twitch Subscription Feature

According to the story by The Star, Twitch will allow subscribers to support a streamer and to fully enjoy the chat with emotes or even to enjoy ad free content. For the price of $4.99 to gain level 1 subscription. This is something that the site wants to change.

In an effort to push the platform's expansion, and at the same time ease the total costs of supporting a streamer, Twitch is looking for a new solution. The price is now still an obstacle to subscribing on the platform especially in a number of countries. According to Twitch, the prices depend on where the subscribers live.

Twitch Content Creators

The total percentage of active users supporting creators through the subscription platform, is currently priced 50% lower in Asia and Europe compared to the United States. This is a feature that is actually more accentuated over in South America where it is reportedly 80% lower.

Twitch is now envisioning a solution of pricing that better matches its users' various costs of living in different countries. An initial test is said to take place in Mexico as well as Turkey on May 20 this year. Two countries were officially chosen as they are reportedly the home to a number of creators and viewers who have been quite passionate about the change for quite a while now.

How Much is Twitch Subscription

South America, Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Africa will be seeing new adapted pricing during the third quarter this 2021. Twitch said that this gradual launch will allow the community to adapt smoothly to the new changes. Here's a list of countries noted by Twitch.

Twitch is said to support creators through the whole transition period. The streaming platform is fixing the problem of a number of content creators who might have seen a drop in the money that they have received. As income remains a key issue for Twitch, the site said that it decided to launch an upcoming 12-month program in order to facilitate the change for eligible creators coming from a financial point of view.

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Twitch to Support Creators

The platform has promised to cover 100% of baseline reviews if they are needed and if they are related to channel subscriptions for the next three months. After that, payments are said to decrease by 25% through the course of three months.

Twitch is now continuing to listen to feedback from its users and is now aiming to meet their expectations while also respecting the creators' work. There is no doubt that the streaming platform will still continue to innovate over the course of the following years.

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