Living in the Best City in the World While at the Same Time Pursuing an Exciting Career: A Closer Look at How Peak Capital Trading is Making Both Possible
(Photo : Living in the Best City in the World While at the Same Time Pursuing an Exciting Career: A Closer Look at How Peak Capital Trading is Making Both Possible )

For many years, Vancouver has ranked as one of the most beautiful, livable, and safest cities to call home. The stable Canadian economy, combined with the breathtaking natural beauty and oceanic climate of Vancouver, have made this city a literal "heaven on earth". Unfortunately, relocating to Vancouver has become a much more difficult endeavor than it was in the past. That's the bad news. The good news is that Peak Capital Trading is now providing select candidates the opportunity to move to Vancouver and work in their Vancouver offices. Eligible traders can expedite the immigration process as well as embark on a challenging but rewarding career.  

What is Peak Capital Trading?

Peak Capital Trading is a proprietary trading firm based in Vancouver. Founded in 2020 by veteran traders and Wall Street executives, Peak Capital Trading has played an important role in training, educating, and providing capital for both day trading enthusiasts and day trading professionals. This uniquely structured company offers a variety of services including 12-week educational boot camps, one-on-one mentorships, weekly webinars, in-house psychologists, ample practice opportunities, and most importantly, trading capital. Peak Capital Trading's one-of-a-kind profit-sharing scheme creates a more level playing field for traders with limited capital by funding their trades and providing them with an opportunity to showcase their day trading skills. Peak Capital Trading is also one of the few trading firms out there that follows an 80/20 profit-sharing model where eligible traders get to keep 80% of their profit. 

Peak Capital Trading sincerely believes in equal opportunity for all and their new visa sponsorship program that they are making available to both talented and promising traders is just the most recent demonstration of their commitment to this principle.

Who can apply?

Basically, anyone! The only criteria is to have a love and passion for day trading. Experienced traders with a successful history of trading in a professional environment can interview directly with the firm, while successful retail traders without a trading employment history can attend the Trader Boot Camp Selection Program. During this three-month boot camp, traders will participate in Peak Capital Trading's training program, have access to their in-house psychologists and performance coaches, and participate in Peak Capital Trading meetings. Upon successful completion of the program, traders will have earned an interview with the leadership team for an opportunity to be hired as a proprietary trader for the firm. 

Those with no previous experience or education in the field are also encouraged to enroll in the boot camp program. These boot camps provide a thorough education on day trading technology, strategies, and psychology; weekly one-on-one mentorship sessions with experienced traders; and access to a private chat channel.

Once hired, traders will trade the firm's capital (minimum $100,000 buying power) and begin earning a generous 50% to 80% of the monthly net P&L they are responsible for. The learning, training, and selection/interview process are conducted exclusively online and Peak Capital Trading's program follows the New York Stock Exchange's Eastern Time Zone schedule.

Should Peak Capital Trading offer you a job, what is next?

Get your visa, pack your bags, hop on a plane, and join the Peak Capital Trading team in beautiful Vancouver. Peak Capital Trading is a registered Canadian business and working with the team will provide you with the opportunity to apply for permanent residency in Canada through the Canadian government's Express Entry program for skilled workers.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as Peak Capital Trading is not only offering qualified individuals a position at their groundbreaking firm, they are also providing comprehensive education and training for those interested in entering the day trading profession. Education, training, and trading capital are three of the most important assets for day traders and Peak Capital Trading is pleased to offer these critical resources to eligible applicants. If you have ever considered starting a career in day trading or moving to Vancouver, this is a unique opportunity to make both of those dreams a reality.

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