Samsung Galaxy F52 5G Review | Better than the Galaxy A52 5G?
(Photo : Screenshot From Samsung Official Website) Samsung Galaxy F52 5G Review | Better than the Galaxy A52 5G?

Samsung Galaxy F52 5G has finally been revealed, and quite surprisingly, it is actually affordable. The new official Samsung Galaxy F52 5G phone reportedly costs less than the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G!

F-Series New Samsung Model

According to the story by AndroidHeadlines, Samsung generally has a large portfolio of smartphones being in the business for so long. There have been a lot of series that have been launched over the years, namely the M-series, A-series, S-series, and finally, the F-series.

Samsung adds one more smartphone to its current F-series, known as the cheaper Galaxy F52 5G. The Samsung Galaxy F52 5G price is currently being talked about due to its initial asking price being lower than the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G price in the market.

Samsung Galaxy F52 Specs

  • 6.6-inch FHD+ TFT LCD Screen

  • 120Hz high refresh rate panel

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G chipset

  • 8GB RAM

  • 128GB storage

  • MicroSD slot

  • 4,500 mAh battery

  • 25W wired charging

Samsung Galaxy F52 Camera

  • Quad-cam setup

  • 64MP lens

  • 8MP ultra-wide lens

  • 2MP macro lens

  • 2MP depth sensor

Cons of the Samsung Galaxy F52 5G

There are, however, some specs that have been downgraded according to Android Central. While it is a later model, the Samsung Galaxy F52 5G LCD display itself could be the downgrade. In addition, there is also no IP rating on the phone, so users will have to try and find a way to protect the phone from dust and water by themselves.

Although this is technically not much of a downgrade, another new feature that was changed would be the fingerprint scanner which is now located on the side of the phone instead of the usual power button. It would have been nice, however, to see a new in-display fingerprint scanner.

On the general software front, the Samsung Galaxy F52 5G comes with Samsung's latest One UI 3.1, which is technically based on the Android 11 OS. Instead of launching the phone from India, like what Samsung has previously done for the other F-series phone, the Samsung Galaxy F52 5G will reportedly be launching in China initially.

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Samsung Galaxy F52 5G Price

The good thing about this phone is that it was designed to be sold at a budget-friendly price without cutting back on the general capabilities of the phone's specs. The phone is reportedly selling in China for 1,999 yuan or rather $310 USD. As of the moment, there is still no information as to when the Samsung Galaxy F52 5G would be launching in other markets like the United States.

There are a lot of smartphones that have reportedly made their launches in China or India due to them being massive markets on their own. In the United States, however, there could be quite a lot of different smartphone companies that could be hard to beat. Although Samsung is already a well-known company, the competition in the smartphone business is still pretty rough.

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