Samsung 980 SSD Review | Worth It at $69?
(Photo : Screenshot From Samsung Official Website) Samsung 980 SSD Review | Worth It at $69?

Samsung 980 SSD review. Could this SSD be the best purchase at this price point? When it comes to computers, the more the owner spends, the better specs they will be able to afford. While bundles can be a little overpriced at times, PC builders can usually spot the best parts to include in their unit. Is the Samsung 980 SSD one of them?

Is the Samsung 980 Worth It? 

According to TechSpot, Samsung has just launched its new Samsung SSD 980, which is a new competitor in the general mature Gen3 storage arena. The storage part provides what was noted as a "value-oriented" option along with its own simplified DRAMless design.

Still, that reportedly did not affect the performance the way that other people might have seen from other SSDs sometime in the past. With Samsung's new HMB implementation, there will be a larger write buffer and even 3-bit per cell NAND instead of the QLC. This would keep the competitive outside of the more demanding workloads.


  • AES 256-bit hardware encryption

  • Good performance

  • 980 Pro-like endurance

  • 5-year warranty

  • DRAM-free design

  • Edges out the Intel SSD 670p in random 4K reads


  • Is limited only to 1TB

  • Slow write speeds after the SLC cache fills

  • Light workloads

  • Outright performance no upgrade compared to the 970 SSDs

Samsung 980 SSD Review

The current selling price for the Samsung 980 SSD is $69. According to the Samsung 980 SSD review by AnAndTech, the brand new Samsung SSD 980 is reportedly the first entry-level retail-ready NVMe SSD that comes from Samsung. Compared to the previous Samsung SSDs, it actually lacks any three-layer suffix anywhere at the end like the Pro, QVO, or EVO.

The lack of suffix, as noted by the review, is because the SSD technically does not really fit into the established conventions for the mentioned product tiers. The Samsung SSD 980 slots into the product stack at the bottom. However, it does leave enough room for yet another and possibly better model to come, probably later this year.

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Samsung 980 SSD 1TB

Samsung is now marketing the SSD 980 as the successor to the previous Samsung 970 EVO. The new Samsung SSD 980 is technically an entry-level NVMe SSD that utilizes the TLC NAND and comes with a DRAMless controller. This would actually make for quite a new class of product for Samsung in the whole retail market which is something that has never been produced before.

The particular drive, with TLC and built without DRAM, is actually already prevalent in the general market from some other turn-key solution vendors, and this particular type of this drive has still remained popular along with OEMs. It would allow Samsung to advertise this NVMe SSD without paying the cost of what people know as a high-end drive. As an NVMe, however, the SSD is generally faster than SATA due to the way it is built, and at just $69, it is pretty affordable compared to other NVMes.

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