Data analytics gamechanger Incorta introduces "Incorta Mobile," the world's first data-direct platform for mobile devices.

With its own mobile app, Incorta users can now enjoy unprecedented mobility and convenience. Incorta Mobile allows its users to access, check, and analyze their business data virtually anytime, anywhere. The new power from Incorta will further help businesses and decision-makers make informed choices, even when they are on the go.

Furthermore, this new mobile-native data analytics platform is built for heavy users and casual app followers alike. It even boasts small-screen optimization for smartphone users as well as an immersive augmented reality (AR) experience starting with iOS users.

Incorta Mobile Home Screen
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Faster Access to Business Data Anytime, Anywhere

"Business teams everywhere are demanding faster access to more and better data," explains Incorta CEO Scott Jones. He adds that all aspects of business are beginning to understand the value of accessible data for decision making, from the front lines to the back offices. Jones says that with Incorta Mobile, businesses can now leverage accessible data that are now more powerful, more convenient, and accessible to what he calls "the next wave of data-driven decision makers," which is the rest of the organization.

The mobile app is powered by the direct data platform Incorta 5, which allows it to deliver the full range of Incorta insights, visualizations, and KPIs previous users of Incorta are familiar with, but on the smaller screen of a mobile device. Additional benefit for device users is the Incorta Direct Data Mapping, impressively fast delivery of analytics and the ability to zoom down to any level of detail. Some of its new features include:

  • Native Tooltips and Pinch-to-Zoom. Made for the miniaturized touchscreen, tapping and dragging on your mobile device allows access to native tooltips and data filtering options. This makes the data you need accessible, even when you're on your mobile device. Additionally, pinch to zoom allows you to zoom in on more important parts of your graphs and charts.

  • Filter and Bookmarks. Incorta Mobile is designed to quickly and easily filter business data to meet the demands of its different users. Also, so you can leave and return to your data on the go, the app allows you to bookmark specific parts - resulting in a personalized and highly-tailored content browsing experience.

  • Widgets. Additional features are available, letting users make their "saved views" or convenient shortcuts to access the most relevant parts with the tap of a button.

  • Biometrics. Device-supported biometric data input and recovery, making sure that only you can access confidential and critical business data - allowing app lock and access with Face ID.

  • Augmented Reality. For users looking for an immersive experience viewing data sets, the AR capabilities of Incorta Mobile allows users to view sections of graphs by moving and rotating their device in a 3D space.

Incorta Mobile is now available for customers through their iOS and Android devices. Logging in is easier too: just use the same credentials for instant access to the platform's unified data on the go.

About Incorta

Incorta is the world's only unified data analytics platform. Powered by Direct Data Mapping technology, it purposefully helps organizations stay ahead of the increasingly difficult modern data monitoring, all while enjoying the unmatched speed and data visibility. Incorta is also developed using open standards, making it easily integrate with most tools and platforms, even in the cloud.


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