Google Play Store is currently suffering from a massive breach. Security experts and other researchers claimed that this new issue possibly affects around 100 million Android users. 

100 Million Android Users Affected by Google Play Store Massive Breach: Apps to Uninstall
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In this photo illustration the app of Google Chrome is displayed on a smartphone on March 3, 2018 in Berlin, Germany. The left-wing organizers of the event cited Google's profit-oriented mass collection of personal data about people as well as the gentrification locals fear will accelerate should the Google Campus open.

They said that people's sensitive user data might have been exposed by various popular applications from the giant app provider. Because of this, security researchers suggested that Android users should uninstall the infected apps. 

Check Point's security researchers confirmed that around 23 applications on Google Play Store could be infected by the new massive hack. They added that this happened since the affected apps were using unprotected real-time databases, which possibly led to the issue. 

On the other hand, Check Point added that the new Google Play Store issue could leak sensitive info of the Android users. These include emails, passwords, chat messages, location info, photos, and more. 

Google Play Store's Massive Breach

According to Express UK's latest report, the current Google Play Store's alleged massive breach is a serious one since they are included in the most popular applications of the search engine giant. 

100 Million Android Users Affected by Google Play Store Massive Breach: Apps to Uninstall
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A customer views the iPhone X upon its release in the U.K on November 3, 2017 in London, England. The iPhone X is positioned as a high-end, model intended to showcase advanced technologies such as wireless charging, OLED display, dual cameras and a face recognition unlock system.

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Their download records range from 10,000 to 10 million installations. If the massive breach is true, it is really bad news for Android users. Based on the report of Check Point, the highlighted apps include Astro Guru, Screen Recorder, and Logo Maker. 

The security added that these offending apps have over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store

"Real-time databases allow application developers to store data on the cloud, making sure it is synchronized in real-time to every connected client," said Check Point. 

"This service solves one of the most encountered problems in application development while making sure that the database is supported for all client platforms," added the security firm added.  

Protecting Your Data 

Since malware and other malicious files are being installed in various smartphone apps, Android users, even iOS fans, should practice some security techniques that would further protect their data from possible leaks. 

Forbes previously provided some of the best smartphone habits you need to adapt so that your sensitive data will be safe. Here are the things you need to do: 

  • Steer Clear of Smishing
  • Clean Up Your Apps
  • Be Careful Giving Out Your Digits
  • Wipe Clean a Lost or Stolen Phone
  • Lock It Up
  • Beware of Public Wi-Fi
  • Update Your Operating System

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