India has clarified that there are no "India variants" of COVID-19. It wants social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to remove or censor posts that pertain to false claims. While it is true that India has been hit with one of the most grievous cases of COVID-19 in this pandemic, it would like to correct claims of a new strain.

India's Devastating Covid-19 Wave Continues To Grip Towns And Cities
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NEW DELHI, INDIA - MAY 23: Patients who are tested positive of the Covid-19 coronavirus take rest inside a isolation / Covid care center set up by a Charitable institute with the support from the Delhi Government in the wake of rising cases of the Covid contagion on May 23, 2021 in New Delhi, India. India's prolonged and devastating wave of Covid-19 infections has gripped cities and overwhelmed urban health resources, but it has also reached deep into rural India, where the true extent of devastation may never be known because of the lack of widespread testing or reliable data.

Information like the "India Variant" of COVID-19 has spread like wildfire, especially as it had joined the news of the staggering rise in cases of infected people and deaths in the country. It was known that India is severely overpopulated and that it has faced a lot of challenges regarding Healthcare in the country, hence leading to this crisis.

Despite rolling out the COVID-19 vaccines and some countries reopening up the public for socialization like Israel (and no more face masks), there are still which still struggles amidst this health crisis like India. Other countries have been extending their help to the South Asian country, including France, which has shared oxygen tanks for medical use. 

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India Claims Falsity on 'India Variant' Mentioned in Social Media

India's Coronavirus Numbers Spike
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Migrant workers queue up to enter a railway station to leave the city ahead of a lockdown to slow the spread of Covid-19 on April 14, 2021 in Mumbai, India.

Despite the initially discovered "Double Mutation" COVID-19 variant to be found in the states of the country, India is now claiming false on the spread of the so-called "India Variant" attributed to them. The severe case of COVID-19 in the country has led people from social media platforms to believe that the country has developed a new strain of the virus. 

According to Reuters, India's Information Technology (IT) ministry has addressed the different social media firms worldwide to help in stopping the spread of the false information that is spreading. Due to India's case, the belief and fast traveling word regarding the India variant are high, hence its spread which have been established. 

The likes of Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking platforms have been sought out by India for its removal and censorship, but up to this writing, none have commented or started actions. 

India's COVID-19 Case

Amidst this pandemic and a massive case of COVID-19 in India, the country has suffered from multiple cases of "Black Fungus," which also brings a deadly threat to the infected. According to BBC's report, India has an epidemic case rising, and it is because of mucormycosis, which has a mortality rate of 50 percent. 

The country has been seeing these spikes for those who have been infected by COVID-19, particularly in 12 to 15 days after diagnosis. This phenomenon has been observed in the past week, amidst India finally lowering its cases and infection rate. 

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