'Fortnite' Says Fan Favorite Item Coming Soon | Mechs, Bottle Rockets, and Other Top Picks
(Photo : Screenshot From Epic Games Official Website) 'Fortnite' Says Fan Favorite Item Coming Soon | Mechs, Bottle Rockets, and Other Top Picks

"Fortnite" has definitely remained one of the most popular games of today. Although it might have had some run-ins with other companies (like Apple) outside of the gaming world, the fan-favorite is still popular and going strong among players. According to a "Fortnite" leaker, the game could be adding some "favorite items" sometime really soon!

"Fortnite" Leak Shows Potential Item

A certain user called Shiina on Twitter has been popular for certain Genshin Impact leaks and other game leaks, but just recently, the account tweeted out about "Fortnite" and how it is going to add some of the fan's favorite items. The problem, however, is that it seems like no one can really guess what it is.

There were reportedly a lot of suggestions on the thread, and while a few of them were items themselves, others said that it could be mobility-related. The reply with the most discussion, as of the moment, is Renegade Raider which is also a possibility but, of course, not confirmed at all.

Here are the top items mentioned by replies:

  • Drum Gun

  • Heavy Sniper

  • Renegade Radar

  • Mechs

  • Hunting Rifle

  • Guided Missile

  • Jumpad

  • Minigun

  • Dual Pistols

  • Bottle Rockets

It is also important to note that there has not yet been any confirmation as to what it could be but the general consensus says it has to be a weapon at least. A lot of people commented and said that it has to be either a sniper or dual pistols at least. There is no news from "Fortnite" as to what exactly they are going to drop.

"Fortnite" New Weapon Drop

Gamers will just have to wait and see to check out what new weapon (if "Fortnite" is really dropping a weapon) or maybe other items that could be released soon. There are also no details given as to how the item will be rolled out, but the tweet does specify that it will be "unvaulted."

The gruesome battle between Apple and "Fortnite" creator Epic Games have made their final arguments to a federal judge in California on Monday, which finally concluded a three-week trial, according to the story by Barrons. The trial was due to "Fortnite" developers accusing Apple of "anti-competitive" practices on its App Store.

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Epic Games VS Apple

Epic reportedly argued that Apple blocked third-party app stores on its own mobile games which would then force developers to use Apple's payment system for digital transactions. The complaint includes the fact that Apple collects up to 30% commission according to the article by Wall Street Journal.

Apple, however, has countered that there are still other ways for users to simply access Epic Games' "Fortnite" and that its commission is also in line with some other platforms. Apple noted that Epic just wants to take advantage of Apple's investment and store without having to pay its "fair share"

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