Apple Watch has recently collaborated with Telus Health for the launch of the fall detection monitoring for the wearable product. On Tuesday, May 25, the personal emergency response services (PERS) provider in Canada has brought the feature for the Canadians who will be needing emergency support in times of falling.

Telus Unveils New Emergency Response Feature for Apple Watch

Telus Health Fall Detection Feature is Now on Apple Watch--What Happens if the User Falls?
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Fall Monitoring feature in Apple Watch.

There are times that you could not call anyone when you fall unconscious. For that matter, a companion could likely give you a helping hand to give you a first-hand emergency solution. Now with the fresh feature that Telus delivers to the Apple wearable, the Fall Detection API will make things easier for the individuals who are in a dire situation.

It's even much better with its 24/7 monitoring service thanks to the LivingWell Companion of Telus Health. Who would have thought that wrist equipment could provide a more proactive function which is necessary for emergency purposes?

For those Canadians who have trouble with their health, this monitoring system will alleviate your feeling en route to your guaranteed safety, 9to5Mac reported.

Through the advancement in technology that Apple has created, it will only require the users to wear the Apple Watch for this feature. Those who want to independently live will now enjoy the newest solution that they could use.

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"Supporting Canada's vulnerable population that is at risk of falling or having a medical issue is fundamental at TELUS Health as we strive to deliver innovative technologies that put patients first. Through collaborating with Apple, we're proud to be the first in Canada to transform how personal emergency response is experienced," Telus' VP for Consumer Health, Juggy Sihota said in a report by Patently Apple.

What Happens When a User Takes a Hard Fall?

The fall detection feature also comes with an ability to share location through the Apple Watch. In case the user suffers from a hard fall, the information will be immediately relayed to the National Central Monitoring Station of Telus Health.

After a few moments, an emergency confirmation will come which will be led by the trained operators. The customer will be contacted upon the incident and the contacts of the involved individual will be alerted about what happened to the fall victim. 

The National Institute of Aging has released the latest study together with Telus Health. According to the findings, Canadians who are over 55 years old want to stick with their independent lifestyle. However, one in three of them says that they could not deal with emergencies when they are alone.

Those who have the Apple Watch Series 4 up to its latest version, can avail of the service for $30 per month. If you are only new to the Telus Health Companion service plan, you can afford it for $54 per month on your Apple Watch which you will run on your mobile device. This will help you save up to $120 on Apple Watch.

For those who have an iPhone 6s or a later version, you can purchase the post-paid Telus plan given that you have installed the most up-to-date iOS version.

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