Apple Watch Series 7 have been leaked and rumored to have been redesigned, featuring a flat-edged concept along with new colors resembling that of the transition from iPhone X to iPhone 11 Pro. Apple's smartwatch has had the same design for more than 6 years now since its first-gen release in 2015. The the much-awaited update is said to be coming this year.

What does it mean to have an iPhone X transition to iPhone 11 Pro? It means that from a curved-edge design of the iPhone X platform, the debut of the iPhone 11 series brought flat edges back to the smartphone. Moreover, iPhone 11 Pro was the first Apple smartphone that brought the green color straight from the factory, a new addition to black and space gray.

The Apple Watch has been a curved-edge smartwatch with a square face design, and that iconic look has been the mainstay for Apple against the many competitors it had in the industry. To date, it is the most iconic square face smartwatch in the market, highlighting a variety of useful features like a heart rate monitor, blood oxygen (Sp02) monitor, and other fitness trackers.

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Apple Watch Series 7 Leaks: Flat Edge Redesign

It is lucky number 7 for Apple, and this suggests an explosive update for the beloved smartwatch that the company has. It is also one of Apple CEO Tim Cook's greatest contributions to the company. Since 2015, the Apple Watch has been the best accessory to the iPhone, with people buying it as a bundle to serve as an accessory.

Several Twitter leaks and design speculations have dropped, suggesting that the Apple Watch Series 7 will have a new design for its release later this year, and it would feature the flat edge like that of an iPad Pro. Several Apple devices have already transitioned to flat edges to utilize more of its bezels, from the iPhone series, down to the new M1 iMac.

Apple Watch Series 7 to Debut Green Color

Another rumor to pop up was the new color scheme of the Apple Watch Series 7, and it would be in the color of the environment, Green, but not quite that of the Olive Green from the iPhone Pro Series. Instead, rumors have suggested that it would take a more "pop" approach and go with the apple or pastel green.

Will an Apple Watch SE 2021 Gen 2 Follow?

While no announcements were made, Apple is known to update its technology every year, and since it released the Apple Watch SE 2021 last year, it is expected to release a Gen 2 or 2021 edition now. The last Apple event with an Apple Watch was in September's Fall event, which likely suggests its arrival by then, completing a full revolution on its expected release.

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