Apple Watch Saves Man who Fell Through Ice Using it to Call 911
(Photo : Screenshot From Pxhere Official Website) Apple Watch Saves Man who Fell Through Ice Using it to Call 911

There have been new stories about the Apple Watch reportedly saving people's lives and another one has just surfaced. This time, it was reported that the smartphone was reportedly able to help a man save his life somewhere in Somersworth, New Hampshire.

Man falls into freezing water

It was reported that a certain William Rogers suddenly fell through the ice just on Sunday, March 7. Though things did not look quite bright, it was reportedly made better since he had the Apple Watch on. The news was reported by a local TV channel known as WMUR noting Rogers had actually been teaching ice skating his whole life but it still did not stop him from suddenly falling into the supposed Salmon Falls River over in Somersworth when the ice suddenly broke.

The ice skating teacher was reportedly in the water for a number of minutes without even being able to get out of the particular hole and although he reportedly was trying his best not to panic, he still described the feeling of sinking directly into freezing water as "terrible." He noted that the first thing he did was try to go up the ice knowing he needed to go out of the water as fast as he could as the ice was reportedly breaking underneath him.

Unable to use a phone, Roger used the Apple Watch

According to the story by 9to5mac that covered WMUR's report, it was said that there was nobody around the ice skating instructor and that he was not able to reach his phone. He was reportedly in the water for a number of minutes and the hypothermia then started setting in. He then started telling himself not to panic and look for other options.

While Rogers couldn't reach his phone, he then remembered that he was actually wearing an Apple Watch. He then quickly asked it to call 911, which reportedly helped save his life. He then said that he had probably 10 minutes before he could no longer respond and that it took firefighters five minutes to get to him.

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Somersworth Fire Department statement

He then expressed his thanks to them and noted that he had been able to keep his wits about him. He kept calm and also did what he had to in order to make sure that he would survive, according to Chief George Kramligner's statement of the Somersworth Fire Department.

It was also noted that during that time of the year, firefighters then said that taking it to the ice is considered gambilng, especially if it would be the river that won. Kramlinger then noted that it is just really dangerous and that at that point, there is no ice considered safe. Apple actually has an Emergency SOS feature that would dial emergency services directly when a user would ask Siri if the watch would detect a sudden fall.

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