Beats Studio Buds Spotted on LeBron James | Apple Truly Wireless FCC Approved
(Photo : Screenshot From Beats Studio Buds Spotted on LeBron James | Apple Truly Wireless FCC Approved

Beats Studio Buds was in the spotlight earlier this month as Apple was reportedly working on its new truly wireless earbuds that were to be developed under Beats. Although the earbuds itself have already been approved by the FCC and the company not yet announcing it, the Beats Studio Buds were spotted on LeBron James, Lakers basketball player.

Beats Studio Buds Spotted

According to 9to5Mac, according to its readers, the Los Angeles Lakers player shared a few photos on his own personal Instagram profile. Something that the fans could not help but notice is that LeBron James was wearing earbuds that were hard to distinguish at first.

Although there did not really seem to be anything that interesting about the photo, when taking a closer look at the photos, LeBron James was found wearing white earbuds that sort of looked like something that music fans have been waiting for. The earbuds spotted in the picture actually looked like the new Bears Studio Buds that a lot of people have been waiting for.

LeBron James Wearing Red and White Beats by Dr. Dre

From a distance, it's pretty hard to see the earbuds in detail, but with a closer look, they do seem to have the classic Beats branding located in the same place as earlier photos indicate. While the initial images of the Beats Studio Buds show a black model, like the ones spotted on TechRadar, the system files also show that there will be an expected red and white version.

LeBron James looks to be wearing the Red and White Beats Studio Buds version instead of the earlier teased black model. The Beats headphones are known to be extremely popular with artists and players, so there's no surprise that Apple would actually ship out a few units to certain celebrities before they would officially launch.

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Beats and Apple

This is a classic technique that Beats usually use to market certain products. The previous techniques also involve teasing them in music videos and other high profile pictures or videos online. With LeBron James wearing the new Beats Studio Buds, it's hard for the general public and the fans of basketball to turn an eye and not check the earbuds out.

As for the Beats Studio Buds, on the other hand, 9to5Mac learns that it will actually come with its very own charging case just like the AirPods as well as features like the popular "Hey Siri," the automatic pairing with other Apple devices, and even noise cancelling. Apple has yet to announce the upcoming release date of the new Beats Studio Buds.

Some comments note that the Beats Studio Buds is still quite similar to the AirPods but with Beats having a pretty good market record when it comes to sound technology, users might be able to experience something else. Fans will have to wait until an official Apple or Beats announcement reveals the Beats Studio Buds specs.

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