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"Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate" has been announced by Square Enix as its latest mainline entry in the "Dragon Quest" series. It was revealed on a livestream to celebrate the series' 35th anniversary.

Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate Announced

Not much beyond the logo of the game and title was revealed by Square Enix, but series creator Yuji Horii hinted at some changes to the traditional turn-based battle system, and stated that Square Enix was aiming for a simultaneous worldwide release.

"Dragon Quest" is the most popular RPG series in Japan.

The last game, "Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age," was released for the PlayStation 4 and 3DS in its home market in 2017, though the original Western release only came to the PS4 and PC.

An updated version, "Dragon Quest XI S," was released for the Nintendo Switch, and it later came to Xbox, PS4, PC, and Stadia.

In total, Square Enix has shipped more than 6 million copies of "Dragon Quest XI" worldwide.

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Square Enix also announced five more new "Dragon Quest" titles during the broadcast, according to Venture Beat.

The first is the "Dragon Quest Treasures," a treasure-hunting RPG starring characters from "Dragon Quest XI." The second is a remake of "Dragon Quest III" in a similar HD-2D visual style to Square Enix's Octopath Traveler. The third is the next major expansion to "Dragon Quest X," the Japan-only MMO.

The fourth is "Dragon Quest X Offline," a top-down version of X that does not require an internet connection. And lastly, the "Dragon Quest Keshikeshi," a mobile puzzle game.

That is a lot of "Dragon Quest" to be getting on with, although only "Dragon Quest III" and "Dragon Quest Treasures" are confirmed for a worldwide release at this stage, The Verge reported.

The stream noted that the game will include a good amount of player choice, which may make it stand out from "Dragon Quest XI's" more linear storytelling. It will also feature a revamped battle system.

Series creator Yuji Horii said that they are not getting rid of the commands, and they are looking forward to how the revamped battle system will be accepted by the fans, as per IGN.

The first "Dragon Quest" debuted in 1986, predating even the original "Final Fantasy" video game. It became the father of the Japanese RPG genre, and its sequels have mostly stayed true to basic JRPG fundamentals, like turn-based combat and world maps.

"Dragon Quest" has always been more popular in Japan than in the United States, but "Dragon Quest XI" attracted a lot of new fans due to its strong critical reception and wide availability across multiple platforms. "Dragon Quest XII" can create that momentum.

What is 'Dragon Quest' About?

In most "Dragon Quest" games, players control a character or party of characters that can walk into towns and purchase weapons, armor, and items to defeat monsters outside of the towns.

However, in the original "Dragon Quest," there was only one character walking on the map. In most of the games, battle occur through random monster attacks, and improving the characters' levels requires players to grind.

The series uses cursed items, difficult dungeons where players need to use their resources wisely to complete them, and difficult boss battles.

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