A new anti-COVID-19 AI is claimed to be having features that can detect cancers, lung diseases, and other serious illnesses.

As of the moment, the global coronavirus pandemic is still affecting various countries across the globe.

Experts Claim the New 'Swarm Learning' AI Can Detect COVID-19, Cancers, and Lung Diseases
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Health care workers use a nasal swab to test a person for COVID-19 at a pop up testing site at the Koinonia Worship Center and Village on July 22, 2020 in Pembroke Park, Florida. The tests where being donated by the emergency management firm CDR Maguire and GENETWORx Lab as the state of Florida battles against a spike in coronavirus cases.

The health crisis is still preventing some people from going out and doing office-based works since they don't know who is infected with the deadly COVID-19. Because of this, some international researchers and health experts decided to create a new AI called Swarm Learning. 

They claimed that this new artificial intelligence can identify if a person is infected by the viral coronavirus. On the other hand, the involved researchers also said that it can further know if a person is suffering from cancer or lung disease. 

To give you more ideas, here's how the new Swarm Learning AI works. 

New Anti COVID-19 AI's Details 

Right now, various artificial intelligence developers, such as the giant OpenAI, are developing various improvements and enhancements that will make their machine learning technologies more efficient and reliable.

Experts Claim the New 'Swarm Learning' AI Can Detect COVID-19, Cancers, and Lung Diseases
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Nurse Amber Kirk wears personal protective equipment (PPE) as she performs range of motion exercises on a COVID-19 patient in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Sharp Grossmont Hospital amidst the coronavirus pandemic on May 5, 2020 in La Mesa, California. Sharp HealthCare is the largest health system in San Diego County and is currently treating more than 120 COVID-19 patients at its four hospitals. 

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Now, researchers from the University of Bonn, DZNE, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), and other research institutions decided to collaborate to develop the so-called Swarm Learning AI. 

The new study entitled "Swarm Learning for decentralized and confidential clinical machine learning" was published by the Nature journal

"Patients with leukemia can be identified using machine learning on the basis of their blood transcriptomes," explained the researchers. "However, there is an increasing divide between what is technically possible and what is allowed, because of privacy legislation." 

Although the researchers said that some limitations are still preventing them to give Swarm Learning AI's full potential, Medical XPress reported that this new approach will certainly benefit those who are suffering from the deadly COVID-19.  

How Does Swarm Learning AI Work? 

The involved experts and researchers explained that the new anti-COVID-19 AI combines a special kind of information exchange across different nodes of a network with methods from the machine learning's toolbox. 

They added that the new Swarm Learning AI can open up new collaboration in medical and business researchers and studies. Aside from this, they also confirmed that it allows medical researchers to learn from each other without sharing confidential information. 

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