easyMarkets Lauches μBTC Account
(Photo : easyMarkets Lauches μBTC Account)

easyMarkets, the popular and regulated Forex and CFD broker, now offers the opportunity for traders to directly deposit, withdraw and trade with Bitcoin as your base currency account, without the need to first convert it into fiat currencies. 

If you own Bitcoins and want to use them for trading, it is now possible! 

By opening an easyMarkets μBTC trading account, you will be able to use your BTC tokens without the need to exchange them for fiat currencies. Trade more than 200 CFDs on a wide range of asset classes (shares, commodities, forex, indices, and more) on all easyMarkets platforms and apps, including MetaTrader 4 for experienced users!

Using easyMarkets to trade with Bitcoins is choosing a reliable and safe entity that is regulated and authorized in different parts of the world, from Europe (CySEC) to Australia (ASIC), ensuring that all trading activities are performed transparently and securely.  

Opening a μBTC account is as easy as opening any other easyMarkets accounts

After you've opened a μBTC account (select "Microbitcoin" as your base currency during sign up) and provided all the information required to be fully identified and verified, you can deposit your Bitcoin funds in a Bitcoin wallet address automatically created for you, allowing you to seize trading opportunities on all available markets. The minimum deposit is 0.01 BTC.

Using a μBTC account also means that you can enjoy all the unique and innovative trading features and tools available with easyMarkets, such as tight spreads, no slippage, negative balance protection, as well as free and guaranteed stop-loss and take-profits!

A Bitcoin trading account is powerful for crypto owners who want to use their BTC to trade CFDs

Ohad Golan, CMO of easyMarkets, commented on the launch of this new account, highlighting how powerful and timely this Bitcoin account is for traders and crypto-users:

"More and more people bought into the recent impressive Bitcoin rally, including our clients. With their funds in Bitcoin though they are not able to trade outside of an exchange until now. That is why this new type of account gives our clients even more freedom and choice when trading with easyMarkets. We are sure this will also be beneficial to our partners and affiliates by opening up new promotional and branding opportunities."

This new opportunity arrives at a time where Bitcoin is taking another step towards mainstream adoption, with an increasing number of worldwide companies embracing Bitcoin in one way or another. 

Institutional investors are rushing into Bitcoin supporting its price 

Tesla, MicroStrategy, Galaxy Digital Holdings, Square, PayPal, Visa, Auction house Sotheby's, Amazon owned Twitch, Etsy, Xbox, eBay, JP Morgan, and Japanese mega eCommerce site Rakuten are among the most popular companies either investing in Bitcoin, keeping BTC in their balance sheet, or accepting Bitcoin as a mean of payment for goods and services.

This recent influx of professional, corporate, and institutional interest has pushed Bitcoin from "undesirable" and "too risky" to "undeniable" and "huge potential". This institutional support is one of the reasons why prices have recently accelerated, as it is poised to support the adoption of the most important cryptocurrency into the mainstream. 

Moreover, with a maximum supply of 21 million tokens, the longer-term implications of institutional investors rushing into Bitcoin is that the incoming supply crunch will keep supporting prices, as there are already 18.5 million tokens mined. 

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