Freelancer Marketing Tips to Help Attract More Clients
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Despite the fact that quarantine restrictions are gradually being eased, there still isn't a definite estimate as to when we can return to office work. Many companies still have their employees working from a remote working setup.

It's during these times that freelancing has proven itself as a reliable source of income, despite its by-project nature. For those who plan to pursue a full time career in freelancing, these are some of the ways to market yourself in an oversaturated freelancer market.

Build a Website

Much like how a proper website establishes a brand's online presence, it can also help cement your credibility online. It's a great way to present what your goals are and what services you offer. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to have web programming skills to create a website. There are many user-friendly web development platforms that simplify the process. You can also hire professionals to make your website for you.

Use Social Media Platforms

Social media is a boon for online marketing, and everyone has at least one social media account. This means that freelancers who are able to advertise their services on social media platforms eventually get quality leads because of how these websites also track user activity to give them targeted ads. Leveraging social media also increases traffic to your website, which improves its ranking on Google's index.

Answer Questions On Q&A Sites

While you can do the exact same thing on your own website, the purpose of answering on Q&A websites like Quora is that these websites get hundreds of millions of visitors monthly. This means that thousands of users are going to see your answers on those sites. This helps to establish your online presence, but it also helps you establish yourself as an expert in the field you work in. You can even use your answers to link to your website for users who want more information on a topic you've answered, which will also increase the traffic to your website.

Do Some Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is mutually-beneficial to both publisher and guest writers because it satisfies each party's needs. Publishers need quality content, and guest writers need a platform that allows them to reach a wider audience.

A well-written guest blog increases traffic to the publisher's website and it also helps cement the guest author's credibility. Guest blogging also allows you to establish relationships with your partners, which means that there's a real potential to find regular work with partners.

Build a Network, Never Burn Bridges

Business relationships are an invaluable asset for any freelancer, not just because of how you can get referrals from happy partners, but also because networking allows you to meet other professionals that you can work with as you progress through your freelancing career. Attend freelancing events, meets, and conventions and don't forget to hand out business cards to the people you connect with at these events.

Note that marketing yourself is only a small part of securing clients. Once you've got their attention, you need to gain their trust. Your credentials will speak for themselves, beautiful you want to maximize your chances of securing a client, you need to be able to present these credentials in a convincing manner. You can find resume examples on the internet to help you write a good resume.

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