'Big Time' Online RPG NFT Game | 'God of Wars', 'Gears of War', and 'Fortnite' Team
(Photo : Screenshot From BigTime Online Website) 'Big Time' Online RPG NFT Game | 'God of Wars', 'Gears of War', and 'Fortnite' Team

"Big Time" online RPG is going to be a heavily monetized game with the help of NFT. Imagine a game where players drop loot that has value even in the real world outside of the game. Instead of playing and earning items that only have value inside the game, imagine a game where players can play, sell their items, and earn real money!

"Big Time" in no way is a small-scale project. According to the game's website, the game is a multiplayer action RPG where gamers can team up with their friends to adventure across time and space. The game entices gamers to explore the ancient mysteries and futuristic civilizations as gamers battle their way through history.

The game also allows players to collect rare and legendary NFT items for players to decorate players' avatar and personal item machine where they will be able to hang out with their friends. There are a few things that make the game quite unique.

'Big Times' Online RPG


The timelines system would allow players to level up the exact same character in a number of different class paths and simply switch to their desired class on the fly. As of the moment, Time Warrior and Chronomancer are two classes gamers can expect while the two other classes are still coming soon.


  • Battle Axe

  • Dual Blades

  • Two-Handed Greatsword

  • Sword & Shield

  • Quantum Staff

  • Warhammer

Time Machine

Players can upgrade their personal time machine that can be decorated with certain legendary artifacts that come from all of space time.

Collectible Items

There is also a segment on the website that invites people to stay tuned for certain news regarding the upcoming drops of exclusive cosmetic NFT items. Gamers can customize every particular aspect of their avatar's appearance with the help of limited edition NFT based cosmetic items. Players will be able to trade the NFTs on the Big Time built-in highly accessible marketplace that opens the power of crypto to any gamers that want to play.

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'Big Time' Buzz

There is also a TikTok video that promoted the game talking about how Epic Games makes a lot of money on "Fortnite" while gamers only enjoy the value of the items in-game. The good thing about the game is that trading in-game items do come hand-in-hand with value in the real world.

The game is also built by a really solid team which includes certain developers, writers, and other essential people that are already popular for their other work. This game is no way just another simpleton game. In fact, it could be something really big.

'Big Time' Team

  • CTO - Matt Tonks - "Fortnite," "Gears of War," and "Medal of Honor"

  • Art Director - Carlo Arellano - "God of War," "Ratchet and Clank," and "World of Warcraft"

  • Principal Engineer - Martin Sweitzer - "Fortnite" and "Gears of War"

  • Lead Artist - Aaron Smith - "Fortnite" and "Gears of War"

  • Lead Level Designer - TJ Stamm - "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare," "Call of Duty: Ghosts," and "Medal of Honor"

  • Lead Writer - Brain Alexander - "Overwatch 2" and "Blade Runner 2049"

  • Director of Ops - Doug Wilson - "Ultima Online" and "Command & Conquer"

  • Lead Concept Artist - Tom Zhao - "League of Legends" and "Sky: Children of the Light"

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