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Giant Wooden Sculpture Unearthed In 1894 Found To Be Over 11,000 Years Old

Researchers have dated the Shigir Idol at over 11,000 years old despite previous controversy regarding its age. Does this mean that hunter-gatherers were quite the artists?

Ancient April 27, 2018

Facebook Censors 30,000-Year-Old Statue Venus Of Willendorf Calling It Pornographic

Censors at Facebook have determined that a 30,000-year-old statue that doesn't even show nipples is pornographic. A post featuring the Venus of Willendorf was removed even after appeals.

Viral February 28, 2018

Sketch Solves Mystery Of Van Gogh's Missing Ear

One of the most often-debated topics concerns how much ear Van Gogh chopped off in a fit of madness. It turns out that, instead of just chopping off his earlobe, the artist took off his entire left ear.

Life & Style July 13, 2016

This 'League Of Legends' Statue Of Lucian Is Out Of This World

There are statues, and then, there are works of art like this.

Geek May 2, 2016

Step Inside A Surrealist Salvador Dali Painting With A VR Headset

You don't have to melt your own clocks for an IRL experience of a painting by Salvador Dali - all you need is a VR headset.

January 20, 2016

DC Comic Legend Jim Lee Shows The World How To Draw Superman And Wonder Woman

Want to draw superheroes like Jim Lee? Be sure to check out this walkthrough recently uploaded by DC.

Movies/TV Shows January 7, 2016

Bethesda Reveals New 'Fallout 4' Art For Upcoming Book

Bethesda Studios tweeted four new images to tease fans about its upcoming hardcover book titled 'The Art of Fallout 4,' which provides never-before-seen images, illustration and drawings of environments, weapons and characters.

Geek August 27, 2015

The Story Of 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Told In Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics Brings The Apocalypse To The Past

'Mad Max: Fury Road' may take place in a dystopian future, but that doesn't mean it's not connected to the past. This recreation of the movie in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics is proof of that.

Movies/TV Shows August 27, 2015

Street Artist Banksy Unveils Latest Exhibition, 'Dismaland'

Street artist Banksy has taken a derelict seafront area in the U.K. and converted it into his latest exhibition place, an ode to theme parks appropriately called 'Dismaland.' It opens this weekend.

Arts & Culture August 20, 2015

Volunteers Contribute To Neuroscience By Virtually Dreaming Together In Brain Data Crowdsourcing Project

Hundreds of volunteers strapped on brain-monitoring headsets and virtually “dreamt” together by shaping the art on the dome above them. What came out of the project was not only amazing art, but also a published neuroscience paper.

July 12, 2015

Next Year, We're Sending Art To The Moon

A team from Carnegie Mellon University plans on sending representations of art, poetry, music and drama via small disks to the moon aboard a robot competing for the Google Lunar XPrize.

Space July 2, 2015

This BMW Turns Into A Hulk Of A Car Just By Adding Water

Don't let the blue BMW X6 in this video fool you. Just add a little water to this baby, and you will be seeing nothing but green.

Movies/TV Shows June 17, 2015

Researchers Develop A New Way To Study And Select Creative Paintings With A Machine Vision Algorithm

Researchers used machine learning to teach an algorithm to analyze and identify fine art. It learned to predict a painting's style, genre, and artist based on sets of visual features.

Computers June 10, 2015

Good Video Games Are As Meaningful As Literature And Cinema

A new study shows that video games with a good story offer just as much – if not more – meaningful entertainment value than books, plays and movies.

Movies/TV Shows April 16, 2015

This Is What Anna And Elsa From 'Frozen' Would Look Like In Real Life

One reason why we love 'Frozen' is because its animation makes is so whimsical. However, this artist's depiction of Anna and Elsa in real life will make you hope for a live-action film stat.

Movies/TV Shows March 26, 2015

Art Enthusiasts Hilariously Respond To Cheap IKEA Print In Art Museum

Pranksters from LifeHuntersTV took a cheap print from IKEA and asked people at an art museum their thoughts.

Internet Culture March 20, 2015

The Optical Illusion On This 'Chrononauts' Comic Book Cover Will Drive You Crazy

It's not unusual for comic book covers to be provocative. However, the cover of the new 'Chrononauts' comic may inspire more arguments with your friends than any other.

Geek March 18, 2015

No Talent? No Problem! With Osmo Masterpiece Drawing App, Even You Can Be An Artist

Masterpiece is not about learning to trace or copy an art form. Developers say it's about building the creative confidence of budding artists.

Apps/Software March 14, 2015

11 Chrome Extensions That Will Turn Your Browser Tabs Into Works Of Art

Google released a Chrome extension that shows you a famous work of art every time you open a new tab. Here are 11 other Chrome extensions that will make you love looking at your tabs.

Internet Culture March 12, 2015

This Is Why Vincent van Gogh's Paintings Are Turning White

It's a mystery that has haunted art lovers for years. However, now we know the reason why Vincent van Gogh's paintings are turning white, and it's very scientific.

Internet Culture March 11, 2015

Chainsaw Artist Creates Life-Sized Majora's Mask

Griffon Ramsey is ready to show off her latest piece of chainsaw art: a creepily realistic replica of the mask from 'The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.' It's so good, it seriously may weird you out.

Geek February 25, 2015

London Museum Nominates 74 Amazing Innovations For Design Of The Year

The Design Museum’s short list for design of the year features 74 innovative products across a range of categories. Here are the most interesting digital and technological nominees that will be on display at the London museum.

Arts & Culture February 20, 2015

This Is How A Cyber Attack Became Art

Crowd Painter lets anyone with an Internet connection contribute to a crowdsourced painting created by a robot. But with that, you never know what you're going to get.

Feature February 19, 2015

This Book Judges You Before You Can Judge Its Cover

You've probably heard of the expression, 'Don't judge a book by its cover.' Well, that's definitely the case if you want to be able to open this book at all.

Internet Culture February 9, 2015

New Study Suggests That Art, Nature And Spirituality Make Us Healthier

A recent study done at Berkeley University shows that inspirational activities that involve art, nature and spirituality that inspire positive emotions in us has a direct link with the body's anti-inflammatory abilities.

Life February 5, 2015

A Crowdsourced Drawing Imagines What The Entire Internet Looks Like

The Internet has a lot going on all of the time. A new illustration created with crowdsourced inspiration attempts to depict the diverse and strange place that is the Internet.

Internet Culture January 30, 2015

Must See: Italian Artist Depicts World Leaders Doing 'The Daily Duty'

Photomontages of world leaders doing "The Daily Duty" by Italian artist Cristina Guggeri.

Internet Culture January 15, 2015

Forget Glow-in-the-Dark Stars, These Glowing Murals Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Bogi Fabian's art takes on a whole new, magical look when viewed under a black light.

Geek January 14, 2015

Meet Beachbot, Disney's Turtle-Like Sand Artist

Beachbot is capable of drawing designs in the sand on beaches. But what could it be used to create?

January 12, 2015

People Are Upset Over That Shia LaBeouf Music Video Due To 'Pedophilia' Content

Does Sia's 'Elastic Heart' music video go too far in its pursuit of artistic expression? Some say the clip, starring Shia LaBeouf and 12-year-old Maddie Ziegler, has overtones of pedophilia.

Movies/TV Shows January 9, 2015

The Story Behind 'Big Eyes' Is As Dramatic As Tim Burton's Latest Film

Tim Burton's newest movie 'Big Eyes' looks like a trippy exploration of an art scandal. And the craziest part is it's based on a true story. 'Big Eyes' is more than just a movie. It tells the true story of the Keanes and is ultimately a tale about ownership, the definition of art and women's rights.

Movies/TV Shows December 23, 2014

'Locked in the Ether': Flowers + Blocks of Ice = Painting Masterpiece

Japanese artist Kenji Shibata uses ice, flowers and photography to create stunning works of art.

Internet Culture December 20, 2014

What Will Stephen Colbert Do Before 'The Late Show' Begins? Become A Piece Of Art, Obviously

'The Colbert Report' aired its final episode on Thursday, Dec. 18. As we wait for Stephen Colbert to take over 'The Late Show,' you can see him in the most unlikely of places.

Movies/TV Shows December 19, 2014

These Illustrations Show There's More To Your Favorite Pop Culture Characters Than Meets The Eye

Every day for the month of December, freelance graphic designer Cameron Morrison is creating illustrations of pop culture icons with a little something extra. See what your favorite characters are made of.

Internet Culture December 18, 2014

Someone Actually Stole A Picasso From an Art Fair In Miami

The world-renowned art fair Art Miami went out with a bang this weekend. Someone actually walked off with a piece of work by Pablo Picasso.

Movies/TV Shows December 8, 2014

Zigzag Marking Etched on Surface of Half-Million-Year-Old Shell Could be World's Oldest Art

Geometric engravings carved by a Homo erectus on a 430-year-old mollusk shell could be the world's oldest artwork. The discovery shows that the ancestors of modern-day humans are possibly smarter than previously thought.

Animals December 6, 2014

This Is What Happens When The Terra-Cotta Warriors Meet Pop Culture

Self-proclaimed provocateur Lizabeth Eva Rossof recreated China's famous Terra-cotta warriors but with a twist. These familiar faces definitely weren't found in Emperor Qin Shi Huang's tomb.

Feature December 4, 2014

Photographer Sends Modern Superheroes Back to the Renaissance

Everybody loves mashup cosplay, but these are some of the most striking costumes we've ever seen. They're part of a collection of artistic pictures by photographer Sacha Goldberger that puts modern superheroes back in the Renaissance.

Movies/TV Shows November 20, 2014

Who is Banksy? New HBO Documentary Gives Insight Into the Incognito Street Artist

The new HBO documentary 'Banksy Does New York' chronicles the street artist's New York residency in October 2013. But more than that, it may give us a better understanding of who Banksy actually is.

Movies/TV Shows November 17, 2014

This Stunning Glow-in-the-Dark Bike Path was Inspired by van Gogh's 'Starry Night'

Designer Daan Roosegaarde and Dutch company Heijmans created a glow-in-the-dark bike path in the Netherlands. It kicks off a year celebrating the life and work of Vincent van Gogh.

Internet Culture November 16, 2014

Can You Find a Needle in a Haystack? One Artist Did Just That

Italian artist Sven Sachsalber literally looked for and found a needle in a haystack at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. And in case you were wondering, yes, it was performance art.

Internet Culture November 15, 2014

Chainsaw artist carves her daughter's favorite character: Elsa from 'Frozen'

Griffon Ramsey is back with a new chainsaw carving of another fictional character from pop culture. Last time she did Groot, this time she tackles Elsa from 'Frozen.'

Geek November 12, 2014

These microscopic images of plants reveal beautiful and pyschedlic patterns

Professor Rob Kesseler of the University of the Arts London has curated an exhibition displaying the patterns of objects placed under a microscope. The images capture the beauty of the natural world, which often goes by undetected.

Internet Culture November 6, 2014

Internet hero created genius Nicolas Cage window wipers

The world is a better place thanks to one Reddit user and their Nic Cage car wiper.

Internet Culture November 5, 2014

What’s the right way to behave in a museum? This Tumblr takes a satirical look at how people view art

Have you ever thought about what you looked like while viewing a piece of art in a museum? This Tumblr gives a satirical take on what you should and shouldn't do.

Feature October 23, 2014

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