$XRP Price Prediction Expects Price Reaching $7-$13 by the End of 2021
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) $XRP Price Prediction Expects Price Reaching $7-$13 by the End of 2021

$XRP price prediction expects the coin to go up to $7 to $13 by the end of 2021. For those that have been looking at $XRP, it's pretty safe to say that this cryptocurrency does not really have major volatility. However, the cryptocurrency has been on a bullish trend ever since the start of April.

RSI and BB Indicators

Although the current standing of $XRP during the time this article was written is at $0.9956, which is around a 9% drop in its 24hr change, hopes and predictions for the cryptocurrency are quite positive. According to its chart on Binance, using the Bollingers Bands indicator, stock is being squeezed as of the moment and might even indicate the cryptocurrency either going for a bullish or bearish run soon.

When using the RSI indicator, however, it does not look like the cryptocurrency is going up and might even go down after it spikes. Although as of the moment, the cryptocurrency is trading low volume, the last week of May has seen massive movement with the cryptocurrency.

$XRP All Time High

While some people might not look at $XRP as a tradable coin, the cryptocurrency's economics are actually designed to change long-term as opposed to highly volatile cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency previously hit its all-time-high on April 13 hitting almost $2!

The coin has just recently started to gain attention and is still widely being discussed as of the moment. Although fairly new and just a little over a year old, the coin's performance starting April has shown the potential of the cryptocurrency to still go up.

$XRP Against Volatility

There are a few reasons why cryptocurrency traders or investors buy $XRP and the main reason is to protect their capital. When trading, there's usually a default cryptocurrency that is not too volatile to hold the users' money. While $USDT is a good choice since it is not that volatile, $XRP is another choice that traders can pick.

While there might not be a lot of options to trade with $XRP, keeping the traders' capital in $XRP protects it from the volatility of the market. Another reason why some traders or investors would choose to buy $XRP is actually because of its price prediction.

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$XRP Price Prediction

According to a crypto Twitter account, $XRP is expected to hit $7 to $13 by the end of the year. While there might not be enough backing data to support this claim, there are actually a few indicators that could be taken as hints. For one, there has been a lot of whale movement moving millions of dollars worth of $XRP from Binance to Unknown. This information, however, can be interpreted however the trader wants.

One possible rationale is that whales too hold their money in $XRP before their next big move. Whales do not normally interest themselves with small scale volatility but rather large scale movements over time. Of course, there are different whales with different personalities.

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