Elon Musk decided to ditch one of Tesla's features - but did you know that your Model 3 and Model Y had lumbar support?

Tech CEO Elon Musk recently stated that he would finally ditch one of Tesla's hidden features - the lumbar support on the front passenger seat. He came up with the decision after finding out that owners of Model 3 and Model Y Tesla vehicles hardly used the lumbar support feature, based on recent logs.

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Elon Musk: Tesla Lumbar Support

The Tesla founder recently revealed that the lumbar support feature in Model 3 and Model Y would be phase out. In a tweet, he clarified the reason for this occurrence. He singlehandedly tweeted that logs showed almost no usage.

Musk also stated that the lumbar support would only be removed from the front passenger seat and not in the rear seats. He pointed out that the additional cost of having lumbar support in front passenger seats of Model 3 and Model Y is not worth it, especially now that he is aware that owners rarely use the feature.

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Lumbar Support: A Newly Discovered Feature

Shock took over Tesla vehicle owners because the reason behind their indifference to the lumbar support feature is that they did not know about it.

Tesla lumbar support is a feature that aims to improve passengers' comfort with the help of subtle seat adjustments. Only a few users knew about it, and with the rise of Tesla owners, it would seem contradictory to give them something that they do not use.

Even some Tesla employees were not aware of the feature. For example, the person who operated the Drive Tesla account on Twitter openly admitted in 2020 that at first, they also did not know what the button on the passenger seat was for.

In one famous Tesla forum called Tesla Owners Online, an EV owner said that he has already had his TM3 for almost five months, but he did not know about the lumbar support adjustments feature of his vehicle until he read the thread.

Tesla's decision to ditch the lumbar support feature caused an uproar in the Tesla community. However, several posts claimed that users who were aware of the feature still chose not to use it.

On the other hand, a YouTube user known as DaxM stated that it is amazing how many Tesla users are getting mad over something to the point that users had to check their cars if they have the feature or not.

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Rebuttals on Lumbar Support Feature

Plenty of Twitter users replied to Elon Musk's tweet the removal of the lumbar support from the Model Y and Model 3 vehicles. Tesla owners suggested an alternative reason for hardly using the feature. Once the users have set the lumbar support to their liking, they hardly ever re-adjust it.

But this claim is countered by the fact that the driver's seat will retain the lumbar support feature and that the front passenger seat is the one to ditch the feature.

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