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Apple Card is currently experiencing an outage that may affect the user's ability to make payments, manage their card, and see recent transactions.

Apple Card Outage

According to Apple's status page, the interruption in service occurred at 6:17 A.M. Pacific Time on June 2, and it is still ongoing over two hours later.

Apple Card is Apple's solution to credit cards, and it is managed almost entirely through the built-in wallet app in iOS, where the users can pay off their credit card bills, review their recent transactions, and make payments through Apple Pay.

Apple stated that all users are affected by the outage. However, it is not clear if every user will experience all of the possible issues that the company has reported, according to The Verge.

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Apple confirms that the users won't be able to pay their Apple Card bill yet. They also won't lock or unlock their physical card if it goes missing or if it gets stolen, and unfortunately, they can not request a new or replacement card yet.

There is still no update as to when the Apple Card system will be back up. Apple advised users to wait it out as it is a system issue. There is no indication as to what is causing the issue or how long it may take to fix it.

Apple Card is currently only available in the United States. But it is not clear whether the issue is nationwide or if it is only affecting specific states or regions, according to iMore.

Apple Card Issues and Solutions

Apple Card has had its set of issues since its launch in 2019. Although outages are rare, other issues like address changes happen all the time.

Most users find it difficult to change their address on the system, so Apple Support has posted solutions. If you are on your iPhone, go to Settings, click on Wallet & Apple Pay, choose Transaction Defaults, and click on Address. Update the section as needed.

You can also change the address of your cards on the system. Go to the Wallet app, tap on any card, tap three dots in the corner of the screen, and tap the address. Edit the address as needed for all of your cards.

As for the shipping address, go to Settings, click on your Apple ID, choose Payment & Shipping, click on the Address section and edit it as needed.

If you are on your Mac, open Music, select iTunes Store located on the left menu, go to the bottom where it says Account, Sign In if needed, click on Address and change it as needed.

If you are on your PC, open iTunes, and the rest of the instructions to change your address is the same for Mac.

Another common issue of users with Apple Card experience is Apple Cash. If you send someone money through Apple Cash and they do not accept it, the payment will expire after a couple of business days, and then it will return to your Apple Cash several business days after that.

If your Apple Cash is locked or restricted, you can go to the Apple website to begin the long process of getting it unlocked or restricted.

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