China-headquartered automotive company BYD (Build Your Dreams) will be revolutionizing the use of electric school buses which will come with the updated technologies, including feature-rich trademarks such as bi-directional capabilities, together with features that tackle people's safety while on-board.

Suppose there is a time for the students to enjoy a memorable bus trip. In that case, the vehicle manufacturer now has the answer for students' requests concerning a comfortable and beautifully designed bus that they will ride every morning.

What is BYD Auto?

BYD Reveals an Electric Type D School Bus Which Features Bi-Directional Charging and Other Safety Options
(Photo : BYD)
BYD Electric School Bus

According to Electrek's report on Wednesday, June 2, the Chinese automaker BYD Auto started in 2003 as BYD Co. LTD's subsidiary. Since it was absorbed by the larger company, it has entered the world of electric vehicles and has produced several plug-in automobiles globally.

CleanTechnica reported in May that BYD has completed the first 100 Tang 600 SUV deliveries in Norway. At the moment, the company is eyeing a continuous expansion of its service across the European regions.

As of this week, BYD is creating a headstart for a newly-developed electric school bus in the United States. Furthermore, the Chinese vehicle creator guarantees a huge development of the EVs based on the former features covered in the past.

From the description of the electric bus, it says that it will focus on the technology which will ensure the passenger's safety, specifically the children. At the same time, BYD is also ensuring that the automobile will contribute to a less carbon footprint.

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BYD Electric School: Bi-Directional Charging, Safety Features, and MORE

In a press release announced by the company earlier this week, BYD said that its electric school bus comes in three various lengths: 35, 38, and 40 feet. The automaker's plug-in bus can also allow 84 passengers on board in addition to its capability to move at 155 miles on one charge only.

From its lithium iron-based battery, the Type D vehicle will stay on track while driving at full speed. It is aided with its two in-wheel traction motors to keep it in position on its journey.

Besides the above features, this electric bus also has a unique bi-directional capability. According to BYD North America president Stella Li, the company has raised the bar for its electric bus when it comes to quality, design, innovation, and other features. What's amazing on top of these high standards is that zero-emission technology contributes to the zero-carbon movement.

For its safety features, BYD designed the electric vehicle in a way that children would be comfortable inside it. The school bus offers a set of these features, such as a 360-degree monitoring system, electronic stability control, and a collision avoidance system.

Aside from these, there is also a "Predictive Stop Arm," which supervises the traffic and informs the children if the path is unsafe for travel. Moreover, the company's head of total technology solutions, Samuel Kang, said that the features are made for the kids.

The ergonomics behind its construction is also linked to the goal of the company, which is safety as the main priority. At present, there is no official announcement from BYD about the release date of the electric school bus.

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