Norton Antivirus Now Lets Users Mine Crypto Directly Through Platform
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Norton Antivirus Now Lets Users Mine Crypto Directly Through Platform

Norton Antivirus software will now be allowing its users to directly mine cryptocurrency through its platform. NortonLifeLock is the company behind the popular Norton Antivirus software. The company has launched a brand new feature that would allow its users to mine cryptocurrency directly through its popular platform.

Norton Crypto Mining Ethereum

According to the official press release the company released on June 2, 2021, Norton's feature which is dubbed the Norton Crypto, has started to allow Norton 360 customers to start mining Ethereum. The feature is just an early adoption program as of the moment.

Adopters can finally join the official Norton mining pool where users can easily try out the feature on their personal computer in order to apply their computation power for low volume crypto mining. This was according to a company spokesperson's statement to CoinDesk through the email.

Crypto Mining Through the Norton Crypto Wallet

The mining pool will basically pay out miners on a periodic basis based on the actual timing of their own participation as well as the number of shares that they are credited through their contribution. Payouts will also be directly allocated to either a Norton Crypto Wallet which was generated by the company or even a personal one designated by the miner themselves.

The software built into the official Norton 360 platform will be running when a computer is set in idle. Once ether has finally been minted, it might actually be stored in Norton's wallet through the software's cloud. Minted coins might actually be tracked and extracted directly to the crypto exchange known as Coinbase.

Norton Crypto Mining Fee

Crypto miners are now expected to pay a whopping 15% fee of whatever total crypto will be sent to their personal wallets for use of Norton's official service. This was according to the company's own terms and conditions. Miners should also account for their own electricity costs, degradation of computer parts as well as the fluctuating prices of crypto.

The company also argues that miners have actually had to previously disable their very own Norton antivirus software. This would then open them to unvetted code coming from nefarious actors directly planting ransomware or even skimming their own crypto mining proceeds.

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Norton 360 Customers

The company also stated in the release that the earnings are going to be commonly stored directly on the miners' very own hard drives where their own digital wallet might actually be lost should it eventually fail. The Norton Crypto is now expected to become available to all of the different Norton 360 customers in the span of the coming weeks and might require PC hardware in order to be able to use the feature, according to the company's statement.

With crypto mining becoming readily available on the Norton Crypto, more and more users will finally be able to access mining without having to mine directly or through other more complicated platforms.

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