iOS 15 'Find My iPhone' Now Works Despite Device Being Turned Off
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) iOS 15 'Find My iPhone' Now Works Despite Device Being Turned Off

iOS 15 Find My iPhone feature can now work despite owners' devices being turned off. This could be a new way of tracking stolen phones when the thief turns them off. While this used to be a limitation, the new iOS 15 has found a way to get past it.

Apple iOS 15 Find My iPhone

According to 9to5Mac, with the new iOS 15, the iPhone will remain traceable through the Find My network despite the device being turned off. It now seems that with the new iOS 15, the phone is technically not really "powered off." The phone, however, stays in some sort of low-power state and acts like some sort of AirTag which would allow any particular nearby iOS device to be able to pick up Bluetooth signals and send the location back to the owner.

This would also mean that if the owners' iPhone runs out of battery during the day, they will still have a chance of finding where their iPhone might be for a few more hours. In fact, Apple even notes that the new location tracking will actually remain working while the phone would be reset to factory settings even with Activation Lock enabled.

How to Find a Stolen ihone

Apple now informs users about this brand new behavior along with a sort of alert dialog when the iPhone's newly-updated iOS 15 iPhone would suddenly run low on power for the very first time. Quite interestingly, the copy for the alert dialog references this particular feature in order to help recover stolen items.

Usually, Appl tries not to advocate using the Find My features to really help fight against theft. It was noted that for those that want to make the iPhone actually go off completely, this can be done by changing the behavior found in Settings and disabling the Find My low-power mode completely.

Find My Network and Activation Lock

According to this Apple page, there are a number of new Find My features that users will be experiencing. Technically, Find My can be used for finding live locations for friends and family. Users can get continuous streaming updates to help provide a sense of direction, speed, and even progress when looking at people's directions.

The page, however, says that users will be able to locate the device through the Find My network despite a thief turning off the device. Users will still be able to use the Find My network as well as the Activation Lock to find the users' device even after it has suddenly been erased.

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How to Locate iPhone

This feature is so that nobody would be tricked into buying a device owned by someone else. The Hello screen will then show that the users' device was locked, locatable, and is still owned by the owner.

Simply enable separation alerts when leaving the device, AirTag, or other compatible third-party items. The iPhone will alert the owner with notifications and Find My will give the owner directions on their item.

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