OLED TVs, especially those high-resolution ones, tend to be quite expensive and out of reach. But if you've been waiting for a big sale on those, then now's your chance!

Mashable reports that the amazing LG CX 65-inch 4K Gaming TV is currently half-off on Amazon right now. It's currently priced at $1849.99 as of this writing. The price is still quite steep, but considering the original one is basically double that, you're saving around $900 if you grab the deal. 

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A 4K gaming TV is a great thing to have these days, especially if you have one of those powerful next-gen consoles around. With their focus on high resolution, high refresh rate gaming, the LG CS 65-inch OLED is an excellent display choice short of buying a dedicated gaming monitor without built-in sound. 

OLED or Bust 

OLED is not something you normally see on a typical 4K gaming TV. This is also likely why the original price is sky-high because OLED in itself is an amazing display tech. Also, LG is one of the best when it comes to implementing this tech in modern Smart TVs, so you really can't go wrong with the brand. 

But what is OLED, anyway, and why would you want it? According to Spy, OLED, unlike LCD, uses organic compounds to produce images. This is why a lot of reviewers gush about the image quality, especially its rich, deep blacks. The LG CX 65-inch 4K gaming TV does this simply by "turning off the light." 

This also contributes to an impressive contrast level that no LCD screen can ever match. And if you play a game on an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 console using an OLED gaming screen, those next-gen graphics are going to absolutely POP. Also, don't forget about the extremely crisp 4K resolution with silky-smooth frame rates. 

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But Does It Have All the Goods? 

Of course, there are a lot of other things that you should look for in a 4K gaming TV. There's also refresh rate and latency, which are two of the most important factors to watch out for when buying a gaming-focused screen. 

The LG CX 65-inch features an amazing 120 Hz refresh rate, for starters, according to an official spec sheet on its LG product page. And that's the native refresh rate too, which means it's not boosted or overclocked in any way. This makes it perfect for the Xbox Series X or a high-end gaming PC, for a start, because those systems are more than capable of putting out enough frames to match 120 Hz. 

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As a result, you'll get an immensely smooth gameplay experience, which matters a lot, especially in fast-paced competitive titles like first-person shooters. With games like that, the more frames your screen renders, the easier it will be for you to react in a split second for those no-scope headshots. 

Lastly, there's the latency rating (aka response time). LG equipped the CX 65-inch with a less than 1ms response time, which is a rating not even a lot of gaming monitors out there can reach. Couple that with the 120 Hz refresh rate, then you'll have a truly next-gen gaming experience.  

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