LG Display Announces Massive 'LG G1' 83-Inch OLED TV | HDR Performance, 20% Brighter, and More!
(Photo : Screenshot From LG Official Website) LG Display Announces Massive 'LG G1' 83-Inch OLED TV | HDR Performance, 20% Brighter, and More!

LG has finally shared the news of its 83-inch OLED TV display! With cinemas still quite complicated to get into, the demand for massive TV displays to create home cinemas has grown. The good news is, big TVs just got bigger!

LG G1 83-inch OLED TV Display

The confirmation of an upcoming 83-inch OLED TV display came from a YouTube video released by the official LG Display Global's channel. In the video, an LG erepresentative praised the enhancement in this year's very own LG OLED flagship called the LG G1 Gallery Series.

The G1 uses a brand new OLED evo panel technology that is capable of eking out 20% more brightness compared to the traditional OLED screens. This ups the HDR performance without actually increasing the total risk of burn-in.

LG Announces 'More Vivid and Crisp' Display

According to the story by TechRadar, an LG spokesperson noted that improving the total luminance in OLED, images are more vivid and even more crisp than ever. This would then help strengthen HDR with the new OLED display. OLED with new enhanced luminance would allow for even more detailed contrast and even color expressions.

They go on to state that in order to maximize the self emission, the new LG Display applied high-efficient light emitting material to be able to better emit light and even increase the display's brightness. The kicker, comes at the end of the video, when the announcement of the 83-inch OLED display is newly developed in 2021 and now has improved luminance improvement technology.

48-inch OLED TV vs 83-inch OLED TV

83-inch OLED TVs are now new for 2021, and only confirmed for a handful of new screen models like the LG G1 and the LG C1. It is also a similar strategy as what most people had seen with the previous 48-inch OLED TVs, coming to quite a minimal number of flagship sets before even becoming more commonplace for the following years.

With this being said, those that are purchasing an OLED TV at particularly smaller sizes should still be able to get a capable TV. However, the TV might not offer a hyper-optimized experience of light emissions that the reported 83-inch LG G1 is capable of.

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65-inch OLED TV Out?

Business Korea notes that the market analysts at Omdia note that shoppers now seem to be moving at even larger sizes. This was seen with the sales of the previous OLED TVs in 2020 seeing quite a traditional flagship size of still an impressive 55-inches left behind for the larger 65-inch models. This was the first year recorded where something like that had happened.

The story by TechRadar notes that it is clear that the appetite for even bigger screens has been increasing, but an upcoming 83-inch size could still be quite out of reach for a number of buyers. This could be because of either the inflated price tags of the larger screens or even the physical limitations of the more average home.


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