Huawei is now opening its 7th global transparency center to help deal with the growing concern for cybersecurity.

While Huawei has been the topic of much controversy during the last days of the reign of the previous administration, the company has been striving hard to regain their reputation as the once-top smartphone company for a brief period. But the company is still struggling.

Huawei Cybersecurity Concerns

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, with all of the damages coming from cybercrime estimated to hit a whopping $6 trillion in 2021 alone. Huawei, a tweet, notes that a healthy cyber environment is now more important than ever.

The tweet then invites the readers to learn more about how the company is helping in the enhancement of cybersecurity by opening up yet another Global Transparency Center. 

This will be the 7th Global Transparency Center that Huawei has opened up.

The tweet also included a link to the official Huawei website where a blog post explained the company's efforts to help fight against cybercrime, and improve the general cybersecurity to the best of their abilities.

Huawei 30 Year Record

A notable quotation from the website is that there is an ongoing misconception that relates the country-of-origin directly to the security of network technology and equipment, which according to the website, is not true.

The site notes that Huawei's top priority is cybersecurity.

It was noted that they do take the responsibility very seriously due to them wanting their customers to use healthy and secure equipment. The article then goes on to note that the company is now proud of what they have been able to achieve, and that for the past 30 years, Huawei has actually served over 3 billion people from all around the world.

Huawei Accomplishments

Huawei then stated that they currently support the stable operations of over 1,500 carrier networks spreading throughout 170 regions and countries. The company then said that during this time, they have been able to maintain a quite solid track record when it comes to cybersecurity.

Ken Hu, the rotating chairman of Huawei, stated in an article by ZDnet that cybersecurity remains a risk that is actually a shared responsibility. It was noted that standard organizations, governments, and tech providers all need to work together to help the total development of an otherwise unified understanding of certain cybersecurity challenges, noting it to be an international effort.

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Cybersecurity Concerns

The Chinese vendor also shared that its total R&D, or research and development spending on privacy components and cybersecurity accounted for over 5% of Huawei's overall R&D budget. It was also noted that the company's global headcount actually included over 3,000 different cybersecurity R&D professionals.

The big question, in the end, is whether or not Huawei's efforts will help them clear out most of the negative PR the company has gained due to massive security concerns.

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