"Scooping Challenge" is the latest TikTok viral challenge that makes various medical experts and other physical trainers concerned. First, some videos show an online influencer consumed raw pre-workout powder. Soon, many young users followed.  

If you are going to a gym or following some fitness experts, you will see that some show that they only consume their pre-workout powder without dissolving it in water.

The pre-workout powder is usually used by those doing extreme physical activities to last for the whole day. You can say that this supplement is better than the offered energy drinks.

This powder specifically contains creatine, increasing your heart rate, making you more energetic to do some serious exercises.

Aside from this, it can also make your muscles grow in a short period of time. However, some medical experts claimed that if you consume this supplement without diluting it in water, then you may suffer from serious health complications.

Tiktok Dry Scooping Challenge 

TikTok is currently the best platform when it comes to video challenges. These include the trending content that claims using inverted filter may fix your body dysmorphic disorder, as well as the dangerous tongue-piercing challenge.

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And now, another risky challenge is circulation in the popular social media platform. According to WRDW's latest report, the new Dry Scooping challenge is definitely not advised by various medical experts.

This danger behind this new trend was revealed after one of the popular TikTokers suffered a heart attack after partaking in the new viral challenge.

"I definitely wouldn't recommend taking anything dry or without any type of liquid fluid," said Tobe Taylor, a gym owner.

"You're getting this high dose of caffeine right away, rather than most people who maybe sip their drink prior to going into the gym," added Dr. Harish Manyam, the Chief of Cardiology at Erlanger Hospital.

Why Is It Dangerous?

The Independent UK reported that pre-workout powder contains performance-enhancing ingredients such as caffeine, amino acids, creatine, vitamin Bs, and beta-alanine. 

If a person consumes too much of these ingredients, it can rapidly increase their heart rate that can lead to a serious heart attack. This is why various medical researchers and other fitness trainers high advise the public to dilute it in water first and read the right amount of scooping for each consumption.

Now, fitness trainers suggested that if you are going to intake one cup of this supplement, you need to dilute it in atleast 200ml of water. 

This is just one of the reasons why you should be more careful when trying new viral TikTok challenges. 

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