Xbox Says 'Technically' Video Game Dogs Live Forever | 7 Best Video Game Dogs Ever
(Photo : Screenshot From Microsoft Website) Xbox Says 'Technically' Video Game Dogs Live Forever | 7 Best Video Game Dogs Ever

Xbox gives gamers the good news saying technically, video game dogs live forever! This is probably the most wholesome and positive news about games that pet lovers might have heard in quite a while.

Best Video Game Dogs

Xbox released a positive tweet saying technically, dogs, the ones in video games, live forever! This is good news to gamers that are also pet lovers and can't stand having their pets leave them. The good news is, in video games, the dogs will live forever!

Dogs have been making games much better adding to the feel of companionship and sometimes even helping players fight their enemies. Dogs can also be very important points in video games as some missions might require the player to interact with the dog, follow the dog, or to do anything else involving the dog in order to move forward.

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An article by IGN shows 10 of the best video game dogs you could ever wish for. Of course, sadly, the pet dogs can still die if it is part of the story.

Here are the top 7 dogs in video games:

1. Koromaru - "Persona 3" and "Persona Q: Dancing All Night"

Koromaru's breed is a Shiba Inu which was based on Hachiko, the loyal dog that returned to greet his owner every after the commute home from work. Hachiko still continued this tradition even after the owner's premature death. Like Hachiko, Koromaru is also faithful and devoted. He is also a good help to the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad.


2. Shiba Inu - "Silent Hill 2"

A "Silent Hill 2" ending would take James into a room where he surprisingly encounters a Shiba Inu working by pulling levers and wearing a headset. This adorable pup is a refreshing sight to see especially in "Silent Hill 2."


3. PaRappa - "PaRappa the Rapper"

PaRappa is the wholesome, polite, and still pretty good at rhyming rapper giving a Will Smith type of vibe inspired by mid-90s aesthetics. Gamers can enjoy the cartoony dog on his rise to success.


4. Sif, the Great Gray Wolf - "Dark Souls"

This sword-wielding pup does have a tragic backstory. Sif is the companion of Artorias the Abysswalker and helps guard Artorias' grave when he was consumed by Abyss itself. The pup stands guard at his master's grave.


5. Barbas - "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim"

Barbas was the loyal companion of Daedric Prince Clavicus Vile and helped players locate his "master." The only talking dog in Skyrim and the right choice at the end of his side quest can even help make him an invincible companion.


6. Dog - "Fable II"

The friendliest canine in the game can be quite heartwarming as they are willing to sacrifice themselves for their owner. Take care of this pup when playing the game.


7. Boomer - "Far Cry 5"

The very realistic Boomer is a great companion to help players fight against a zealous cult in Montana. He tells his owner whenever there are enemies and is a good companion to help watch the players' back.


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