Disneyland and Disney World parks in the country would drop their face mask requirements on Tuesday, June 15, for fully vaccinated people against COVID-19. Moreover, despite dropping the face mask requirements, the management of Disney Parks would not require visitors to prove their complete vaccines, in all branches including California, Florida, and Orlando. 

Disneyland Reopens Without Any Mask Requirements for Vaccinated People

Disneyland Reopens
(Photo : Disneyland)

It might seem kind of unfair and vague that vaccine cards and proof of vaccinations would not be required upon entering the parks without any masks on, especially as anyone can do it, even the anti-vaxxers. Nonetheless, this is a massive move for Disney, especially as it has only reopened its services and doors to the public in recent events. 

According to Disneyland, guests and visitors would have the full experience of the Disneyland parks, particularly in the outdoor areas of the theme park. However, they highly require and recommend the wearing of face masks for non-vaccinated and younger (non-vaccine eligible) guests when entering an indoor part of the theme park. 

Previously, Disneyland California has reopened its doors to California residents, or those who are residing within the state to visit the park. However, it observed health protocols as per CDC, including temperature checks, physical distancing, and wearing of face masks. 

The reopening of all its branches in the country on Tuesday would no longer require all three, including physical distancing which would be "self-determined" by park visitors. 

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Disneyland Reopening

Disneyland Reopens
(Photo : Disneyland)

As added by Disneyland, all guests ages 3 and up are required to secure a reservation for every person that would visit the park, particularly because the management aims to limit visitors to still ensure safety. Additionally, out-of-state visitors are also allowed to visit the theme parks now, compared to restrictions before this June.

Despite the massive restrictions and closed parks, Disney's Q1 2021 was met with remarkable performance and is expected to continue once it allows people back on its reopening. 

Additionally, visitors to Disneyland California will face the threat of experiencing the new Avengers Campus that was recently unveiled in an online event. This will feature all the Marvel feels for visitors, as well as fans coming to check it out. 

Is it Safe to Visit Disneyland?

Currently, there is no way of saying that the world is "out of the woods" with regards to COVID-19 infection and safety against it. Sure, it is a massive development that the country is already near finishing its vaccination efforts, but there are still anti-vaxxers and non-vaccinated children who can mingle with those that are fully immune. 

It is worth noting that Disneyland has also dropped its age restrictions to go out in public, and anyone of any age may visit the park, and has the chance to pick up the virus. Also, vaccinated people may be safe from the severe effects and life-threatening effects of COVID-19, but they could still be carriers of the virus unknowingly. 

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