REvil Hacking Group Continues to Target Companies
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A US defense contractor, Sol Oriens, was attacked by REvil hacking group, a famous ransomware gang. The company was also related to the US nuclear weapons program, also hit by REvil's ransomware crusade.

As a result, the hackers were able to steal data from the company.

The group seems to keep themselves busy because they are also responsible for Invenergy's data breach.

Invenergy is a Chicago-based solar and wind power corporation, and they recently announced that their systems had been hacked. A current trend in data breaches is going on, and the company experienced it in the hands of the REvil hacking group.

REvil's Ransomware Attack on US Weapons Contractor

In a tweet, a company spokesperson announced that the entire company got a virus.

Sol Oriens contracted an infected system with REvil ransomware directly from a notorious Russian ransomware group. It offers ransomware as one of its malware services.

According to The Cheraw Chronicle, Sol Oriens assists the US Department of Defense in implementing the nuclear program. For example, it is responsible for managing the arsenal.


Bleeping Computer also reported that the REvil ransomware operation released a list of companies that they have already attacked. They are about to auction the data to the highest bidder. Sol Oriens is on the list, and REvil claims they stole business and employee data from the company.

The data they gathered includes social security numbers and salary information of employees.

Invenergy Data Breach

On the other hand, Info Security Magazine stated that the REvil gang also claimed they got 4TB of essential project information, including various contracts and endless non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

According to Soft Pedia News, the company stated that their activities were not stopped at any time and that no data was encrypted. On top of that, Invenergy is said to follow all data breach disclosure requirements.

The company also claims that it has not paid the infamous hacking group, and it does not plan on paying them a ransom.

However, REvil stands to their statement that they managed to hack the company's systems and stole 4TB of data.

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REvil Might Have Data on Polsky's Private Life

Soft Pedia News also stated that the REvil hacking gang claimed to have their hands on Polsky's private correspondence.

Details include sensitive details on personal photos along with his divorce from his first wife, Maya.

Forbes reported that Polsky abandoned Soviet Ukraine and migrated to the United States back in 1976, taking $1.5 billion. His wife's divorce is considered one of the most expensive divorce processes in history, as Maya got half of Polsky's money and assets back in 2007.

REvils Previous Victims

REvil became famous for its ransomware attack on JBS, the world's largest meat-processing company. The company admitted to releasing a total of $11 million to the hacktivists for the ransomware attack.

They also hacked a Taiwanese Apple Inc. supplier, Quanta.

Furthermore, REvil hacking gang is a notorious ransomware group that claimed to be unafraid of the US ransomware focus.

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