LifeWave Founder David Schmidt Talks Science and Company Goals
(Photo : LifeWave Founder David Schmidt Talks Science and Company Goals)

In a recent live video, David Schmidt, CEO and founder of LifeWave took some time to discuss the science behind his products. The head of the well-known health and wellness company took the opportunity to speak directly to an audience comprised of many of the company's direct selling partners to better inform them about the brand's approach with regard to research and idea innovation. Since these points have formed a foundation for the manner in which the company achieves its goals, we've taken time to recap the conversation below.

The video began with host Jim Caldwell, the company's CMO, introducing the day's topic and the main speaker of the event - David Schmidt himself. The CEO then came on the broadcast to highlight how far the company had come since its early days, referencing the start of the firm 17 years ago. In those days, the inventor reminisced, few people understood the potential of light therapy. Attitudes towards the field have since improved in leaps and bounds, however, with over 5000 published studies highlighting its many benefits.

The conversation then expanded to include the introduction of the day's guest, Dr. Melinda Connor. The doctor, who trained as a clinical psychologist and neuroscientist moved into her field as a research scientist in the 1990s. Since then she has authored 10 books and has been recognized as a leader in the field of energy healing research. She's also become well-known for working with the company to explore the remarkable science behind its products.

After she joined the call, the LifeWave CEO started off by asking her what her "why" was for working in her field, a consideration he finds important for anyone working with his company to consider. She responded by noting that her family was always focused on science and healing, with her father working in the field of highway safety research and her mother working as a psychiatrist at Boston University's Medical School. She also noted that she came from a long line of individuals who were skilled in energy healing, and that was something that inspired her to eventually pursue a career related to that field.

Related to energy healing, the inventor and CEO noted that many are quick to dismiss the field, but there's plenty of legitimate science clearly showing its efficacy. He asked Dr. Connor what some of her favorite studies are to this end. She responded with a reference to a string of studies that showcased the electrodermal skin response, a phenomenon that could be observed in a person's skin when in the presence of energy waves. She noted that this was, in essence, a way for early humans to find food at a distance more effectively.

The CEO then turned the conversation to light therapy, the main focus of the company. He noted a favorite study of his where subjects were placed in a dark room and a device was set up to measure the emission of photons from their hands. Once the company's patches were applied, the devices picked up a noticeable increase in those photons, showcasing the profound physical changes the patches were inciting in the bodies of users. He later noted that these findings were in line with what many branches of the government and armed forces had previously observed, explaining their interest in light therapy before many members of the scientific community.

The conversation then turned towards the creation of the X39 patch, which represents a major step forward for the ability of light therapy to make a profound impact in our lives. David Schmidt noted how Dr. Connor's daughter had played a key role in showcasing the changes the patch can induce in our bodies, by measuring biomedical markers of GHK and GHK-CU, an important copper peptide that correlates with a range of remarkable physical benefits such as enhanced gene expression.

The company founder noted that one of the most exciting things about the findings was that they provided a practical path towards age reversal. He discussed how the improvement in gene expression and other physical markers can allow us to stay young and healthy for a longer period of time. In essence, this helps to improve not only lifespan but also healthspan. Dr. Connor noted that one of the most remarkable things about the patches was how quickly they worked, with noticeable benefits being witnessed in just seven days.

Conversation then turned to the benefits of up-regulating mitochondrial function and how this was set to play a key role in the progression of age reversal science. David Schmidt noted how this has been a major focus of his work for some time and that he believes there is great potential in those efforts. That work began with the first patches he released upon creating the company - the Energy Enhancer patches - and has continued up to the present day with the recent release of the X39 patch.

At this point in the broadcast, Jim Caldwell stepped back in to ask some additional questions of David Schmidt himself. One thing he wanted to know was how the inventor was able to direct his scientific inquiries, since he clearly had so many potentially fruitful areas he wanted to explore. The CEO credited his Christian faith with helping to guide him in this regard and also his desire to help people avoid some of the devastating impacts of aging. He noted that the promise of a life without aging, where older individuals could retain younger bodies and also accumulate wisdom throughout their life, could result in a much happier world overall.

The host then asked the CEO what he found most surprising about his work. The answer here centered on the manner in which more than ten years of scientific research and over $4 million of funding has been able to produce such a powerful outcome that can potentially benefit individuals all over the world. The host and the inventor agreed that the process was akin to the breaking of the 4-minute mile. Where it was deemed impossible for years, but once someone was able to do it, the record was broken by many additional people in rapid succession.

The host and CEO both noted that this phenomenon illustrated the power of positive thinking and believing in oneself. They encouraged the company's partners who were watching the broadcast to adopt a similar mindset in their own businesses and their efforts to spread the word about the company's products. With that mindset of exploring the bounds of what's possible they could not only embody the spirit of LifeWave and its products, but also could help to benefit themselves through the creation of a sense of stability in an unknown world.

The idea provoked a final thought from David Schmidt as he discussed the unique work accomplished by LifeWave. He referenced how he had asked Dr. Connor earlier what her "why" was for the work that she does, and he then extended the idea to the people in the audience. He noted that it was fine to be partially motivated by a desire for financial stability and to want to grow their own business efforts, but he also noted the special nature of the products they were selling. He wanted to make sure this nature was not lost on them and that they understood the opportunity they had to spread these health and wellness products to people all over the world. With those inspiring words, the broadcast concluded, leaving attendees with a broad overview of the science behind the company's products and also its drive to help make the world a better place.

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