The controversial "PUBG Mobile" was banned last year due to its sketchy connection to Chinese developers. This year, the popular battle royale game will return in India with a brand-new name: "Battlegrounds Mobile India."

Right now, you could install it from the Google PlayStore for early game access. Although Krafton said that it would be similar to "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds," there are some differences that we could spot from the perfect copycat game. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India' is 'PUBG 2.0'

'Battlegrounds Mobile India' is a Copycat of 'PUBG'--What Makes it Different from the 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds'
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"Battlegrounds Mobile India" on its early access.

According to a report by The Verge on Thursday, June 17, the newly-released video game would come with several changes for the Indian players. This includes the green blood and the game frame.

Furthermore, the change also collides with the sparking concerns about the censoring of violent representations in the game. If you are worrying if you can restore your previous "PUBG" account, the "Battlegrounds Mobile" will allow you to transfer your account with ease. 

The revamped mobile game will arrive with a fresh Lobby layout featuring three various screens for aesthetics. This makes the main Lobby screen look neater compared to its outdated design. Since this is a follow-up game for the banned "PUBG Mobile," expect that its graphics and game objectives will be strikingly similar to its base game. 

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The Difference Between 'PUBG' and 'Battlegrounds Mobile'

While many players think that the new game is only a "slightly tweaked" version of "PUBG Mobile India," there are glaring differences that we could see here.

First, "Battlegrounds Mobile" adopted a more sensitive environment through the recent changes in the kill effect that is now yellow or green(previously red).

Apart from that, instead of "Kill," the term was changed into "Finished" for a tone-down term. In terms of graphics, the two shooter games share the same set of controls, outfits, game modes, and graphics settings. However, "Battlegrounds Mobile" has a more costly Battle Pass compared to the original version.

You could also spot the distinction in the popups during the start of the game. Since this is completely a sim game, the developers design the game in a way that players would easily perceive it to be a virtual game only through a warning about "taking a break" after playing for many hours.

The game only complied with what the Indian government wanted to happen since some portions of the game violated the regulations of the authorities, Gadgets Now reported on Friday, June 18.

For those who want to start playing, only the gamers aged 18 and above are allowed to access it to ensure that the minors could not interact with the sensitive parts of "Battlegrounds Mobile India."

In addition to the government's regulation in India, the ban also pointed out the transmission of users' data outside India. The officials said that they were not comfortable with the privacy issues that could arise from the game.

PUBG Studio, which was owned by Krafon said that it would now part ways with China's Tencent. For a while, India would be relying on the Microsoft Azure data centers which would remedy the problems. 

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